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how are you that old and still play with dolls


My parachute didn't open but i just quit the game and I was okay!

Macy Stewart


Hiter Family

اي حد عربي لايك

Zoe Madruga

I did my inhaler

Varrmonkencel Government

Take some cocaine .You Will achieve your goals

I don’t blame him for wanting to go to DISNEY LAND, who wouldn’t want to go to Disney land?

Bhaskar Pandey


Sukaiu oka

the police

Max Jimenez

Omg this is so sad, can we hit 50 likes?

Imperator Salt Formerly LMS 5588

If I were going the last recipe I’d use mango chutne

YvngRetro TheGreat

0:40 impossible how did the grease not burn her

Gregory TheGibusD0ud

beginning was just about education and democracy Bro wtf😂😂😂

Moises Elias Campo Díaz


• “I would refuse and explain I wasn’t ready” — You do not repeatedly have to explain why you’re not ready for something if it makes you uncomfortable. The other person should listen.


Sunburn 0:44

KidMarvelX 07


Dwantee Toxey

Drew Bree's and the saints


Airport Stereotypes XDThe Security OverloadThe Scared KidMr. ExcusesThe Gift Shop GuyThe Bathroom ChampionThe Guy Who Just Goes For The FoodThe Race (running to the terminal to make it in on time cuz their late)The Rage Monster (missed a flight)The Escalator KidThe Old GuyThe Accessories GuyThat GirlThe SnackerThe Bragger (Paid To Sit In First Class)The Awkward ReunionThe Broken Vending MachineThe Unwanted SuitcaseThe Kid Who Thinks The Baggage Claim Is A RideMr. CriticThe Unopenable Bag Of PeanutsThe Screaming BabyThe person who left something homeAny Other Ideas? :D Reply!This idea was so good, I had to edit it to the comment: The guy who flies to Wisconsin for no reason!

Susan Kawandami

That’s why he raging, he got xbox

The Robotic Family


C Noelle2.0

I have Anxiety and ADD I have panic attacks all the time


I thought this was the second one 😂

Fire Dragon76

Golf trick shots

Charles H Minnich

I like the energy 😁


99 cents to buy..

You Dont know me

i know why you came 8:24


I think the Texas roadhouse would have been better to them if they were southern, its a food adaptation thing, if your from the north your used to eating that kind of food, whereas from the south you'd be used to eating something like the Texas Roadhouse

Abcppp Seem

No fishes were harmed in the making of this video


First video? AWSOME!!

Renz Española

This is so cool!



I don't why our cigarette packs says "DO NOT SMOKE"

Bosque Strength

Kind of a weird thing to notice but is there no white people being interviewed ?