"Ichimoku en el corto plazo" por Jose Luis Carpatos

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Definitely a banger!!

Justin Y.

Deadpool in himself could be classified as an easteregg considering the 4th wall breaks

Maysen Flores

You guys should do an actually golf tournament.

According to all known laws of aviation

I mean, you could've just gotten his phone number, right

peos adinato

craig xen is kinda shit

TJS Archer

whos panda????? im DYING to know!!!!


The car behind the Gas Station is the cat you can shot at in LiS 1

Samurai Assassin


Logan Clement


Anyan_ lps

That reminds me of my sister's husband. He quit smoking because she asked him to (It's been 2 years since he stopped smoking)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN Guru and for every each and one of you who sees this. :)

Mark Chrissan

Who else is watching this in 2017

Pizza Planet totally didn't originate in Toy Story, like I don't know why that was the first thing that popped into my head at all.

Joseph Lorusso

I love on how Ubisoft connected the disappearance of Olivier Garneau from Assassin's creed 4 Black Flag


Girls are capable of anything boys are 🙄

Shiro UwU

This really hits close to home. One of my best friends is a quadriplegic due to breaking her neck in a bouncy house when she was five. Her parents had to do so much and work hard to pay for medical things. I couldn't imagine how life must be like for her and she is one of the happiest people I know. It's crazy how one simple thing can change your like forever.

We come from poverty, man, we ain't have a thing

Xhanti Somhlahlo

drake handled that last verse...yohh


I got da your lis in april vibes very strongly

Lenny Smalls

stop hatin on them. as long as the videos are entertaining you have nothing to complain about. keep up the good work dudeperfect

It was only years later did I realize it was my asmr. Love these videos, they bring me back lol

Dena Braden

You should name it airball

Cupcakerules 2618

My friend is from the the same country as him and her dad is from a different country and she dose not care at all


Lil Tjay goes sneaker shopping with Complex !

RoyGamerTV _YT

Dususujshshajssjhssjshshhsshsdbccncncbcj ncn. N. Chinch n B.B.n b B.B.b b b

Caleb BaumTM

I Love How The Adult Joke In Happy Feet They Didn’t Just Do One Sex Position But Like Fucking Thirty of Them

Justin The coolest

I have that game



Msp hotxjongenxx

00:02Break up with ur girlfriend,cuz im bored

Que le trajo 5-12 pa' que se las beba

katelyn ast

what no magic tricks first?

Theo Kobeney

Marshawn lynch beast mode edition

Brennan Hogan

film with aviln kamara

Brad B.

You're* 11:10


Ty missed the bag on the double play


nothing in the Stanley parable is an Easter egg

Dr Slambone

Where are my AWL's at?