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-Carece de diálogo del personaje (no me refiero a la necesidad de diálogo verbal, sino más a sus actuaciones).


Don’t forget about peach this year Kermit always gets the best birthday parties. So marbles and bunny



Matty B

That was high to low

Tundra Gamer201

8: 54 oh no dont give thanos the orange stone

Rensteve Elmido

you deserve this like for that intro


My dad is my mom

Shaima Hirmendi

You edited


I’m not sure if this is a “very educational” topic but it’s about sexuality. I’m bi and when I came out to my friends they were weirded out by the fact that I liked boys and girls. I they kinda stopped talking to me and began to make jokes that were very offensive. Like “oh that’s so gay.” I had a hard time being around them and didn’t know what to do. Over the months my depression began to get worse I started to not go to school anymore. Apparently my friends talked about me behind my back and said I was gay. It’s hard to be honest with people some times because you never know how they’re gonna react. I have so much pride in myself and for knowing who I am and no one can take that away from me. I know many people have “coming out stories” but everyone of them should count as something meaningful. People who are part of the LGBT+ community are hated and said to be disgusting but we’re not! We’re normal people who think differently and that’s ok. Hope this is a good story lol 😆

JagBattle / Zincate [HF]

Garrett’s blooper at the end lol



Why u so These käme fake Vida?

This Story is Absolutely Beautiful

Keith Wood

I don't understand what is leftover steak, is it like that mythical leftover bacon I've heard about???

akmal cutyus

Iqbal and nurani?


WHOA. I'm SUPER surprised a serious game like TLOU has the Wilhelm Scream in it! XD This video is fantastic, thank you!

kalek wagner

9/11 : happens

Bat man

epic video

Jam 4ever

Who is a Filipino here?. And got shocked when she said "Manila"???😱

pele madlion

DemolitionRanch joined the chat

The raptor Tamer

My dad is the sleeper same with my mum 😹😹😹

Anthony M.

how the panda got hit in the balls by a arrow XD

Earthrage Gamer

the Double engine rocket can be a hard evidence to prove the earth aint flat


3:06 Double points lol


Alex Figueroa

My bestf sally loves u kuzma



Obi wan Kenobi

I understand that you need to escape from your country but there other options than just coming to America illegally

Sh ook

that color picking is quite familiar ..

Desmond Tran

then the kids noticed he is fake from the fall

Mustache Mann

the song gaben, was good


Point out where it's fake if it's so clear to see.

Well I guess that guy got a shout out from NF. It was in college react someone call him forgettable.


It was all doge's fault

Luca Flipman



Come on chandler you really need to win one

Montse Moreno

This movie sounds like a horror movie in the beginning

Domino craze

Hey,Coby went with PUNT at his 1st shot


Rockstar is loominaty cumfirmed

NoRtAMiN sWerkani

Garem mod



Bulememe bear

Why are u Shoting a Furry

E Bartlett

I mean if we’re really discussing semantics here, I gotta go with the bisexual alien

Kevin Dunaway

dude perfect is the best love you guys and can i get 5 likes


Zahir Iqbal

What the outro music I like it

I a

Allison Autrey

..but you need to review handmaid's tale

Jonas Seorum

I started watching James Bond when I was 5 omg I never realized this wtf my childhood

Jackob Fischer

its dolan pls

Josefu kenTachi

wait... what!?!?!? I didnt know u can play an arcade game in nuketown xD

Eylül Özdemir

We have Starbucks in Turkey too. That map is wrong.

Zo Zuun Siam Official

far cry 4

   Forward development is stalled by banking crisis, high unemployment and little reinvesting of capital gained. I think that the Basic Universal Income is an idea for now and into the future. 

Kathy Connaghan

James Cordan is SO talented!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻