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aron dagdag

nice video :)

Donny Bandz

it looked like it was wayyyyyyy off for a minute

Donald Fuller

Team Red hulk

Reese Jacobs

Holy crap he has a nice house


do you do all of your recording on computer?


Lol this is so stupid lmao


Petar Magdic

Cristiano Ronaldo!


cody rocket is cool looking

supermonkey 101

whats wrong with sponspoh

I love this channel really. No hate.

grabs slipper


her voice is sooooo annnoyig

Naomi Fairchild

They all have mustaches!

Future Cryo

Like a champ

Mc Lovin

amazing easter eggs!


You mean Catalina and her boyfriend is a main character in GTA III and his name is Claude.

Brandon G

Wow! Amazing video!


Craig Xen went in 🚀

Pickle G

NOT THE minyan WHY WHY WHY :'(

Aaron Rankin

You left out the one from Octopussy where he kisses her, she says “No!” quite loudly then he just carries on.

Oliver Hosfield

i stillwatch it

Anne-Marie Pilkington

I love you 😍😍😍🥳🍾


Psychopath: *broke into my house* nobody cares


Hi dude perfect can you do A trick shot video was skydiving


I'm noisy ned and the sleeper


We ARE the best videos. Even that is a grammatical nightmare fat man (and the instantly forgettable trash you call music sucks.)

Stark. 202114115

Try with badminton bro

Daniel Williams


robert stevens

Song is "kiss the flag"


If only life would actually give something like in this story. Because thats all it is. A story which never happened. Life doesn't have a happy ending. We don't get the "and they lived happily ever after" bullshit. All we get is hurt. That's the truth. Im kind of like the guy in the story, and i am still to meet a person who would actually like me for who i am. R.I.P Stark


5:25 that was almost 15 in a row (it was 14)

Aldry Yithream

Im gonna watch aquaman for sure :)


If the story is better than the original, I'm sold

Connor Kilpatrick

😂 funny

despoina karasali