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Abrir cuenta en XM cuenta en ZR os deja con un video explicativo de como operar y cómo trabaja nuestro robot, esperamos os guste.Saludos!************************************************************Web:************************************************************

Icek Online

When you see there's thirty second left in the video after the credits

Fuck tomorrow, spin the block, just know we comin' back today (Back today) That's the reason I love you so much.


whats your next video game easter egg search going to be?

IBW Wrestling

MOMMY ITS A REAL PANDA!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha lol

Washtenaw Wiffleball

Season 5 anyone


Hell yeah new video. Keep up the good work bro with these sick videos.

King James

do part 2 please :D

Briana Hernandez

This reminded me the climb song

Nollie Phlip


Icibo The Icibro


Crazy Land

You are uncomfortable with your boyfriend and I am uncomfortable with your face at 4:39😨😨😨

Felix H



anyone watching 2018


Never back Down

Huge giveaway happening right now don’t miss your chance to win this Liberty walk challenger!!!!!

A_sloth _

Ooh that sucks

Unicorns poopsie squad# Awesome squad#

Tyler you do not look good in those short short but I still love all you guyss



FunnyTricksterz DS

Last one


What are the game titles

Britney Lambkin

Go Garrett!

it's a joke btw bullying is bad

Pineapple Forever

no one has eyelashes and nice vid

Mr Melon



Hey what does the fastest msn alive joke mean

Rich Jacson

You guys should play hide and seek in your whole building

Daniela Markovic

I am the drinker with gallons of water

Thiago Bigot

Someone: So... what did you do on your trip

Aydan Doyle

I like your voice

Dane_Utleg x2x


Her: 5:51

Chris Vazquez


natasha pretorius

where is overtime 9

: (

ForT- KnighT Y.T

U mist lacrosse


Alguien me dijo una vez _que nada es para hoy siempre .. cuando lo escuche es por que me estaba dando shotin

Brayden Richey

Says there might be links with siege spots ela

Zadu A

Who's watching in November 2018



Art Zin

Lol bish me too, his name was Jackson...I'm gay and like women now. wOOps.

Brayan Martinez


fizza hamdule

I love the message that the being is brave enough to be true to themselves , yes they should become to be able to stand up for themselves. But they stay strong for themselves and not give in to be a bully themselves or give into peer pressure.

John Smith

Its sometimes used in heavy lift helicopters in the gear box. That's why if the H-53 catches fire, we used to push them off the deck. Too risky to put water on them.

wolfie olivia

I like my friend(girl)but my mom would hate it.... She even believe in god and imagine what her reaction will be when she hears what I say