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✅ Scalping; Increasing Trade Size Check Mark's Premium Course: Please like, subscribe & comment if you enjoyed - it helps a lot!Scaling Up Stakes: How Far Can You Go?Increasing size. This is a big one for me.Remember capital is a tool in scalping as opposed to being used for growth.The first thing is; do it gradually.1. Gradually - increase size gradually.It is hard to double trade size immediately, so say start by adding 10% to it.2. Identify best setups and try to increase trade size with just with those.3. Ensure Risk is Proportional4. Observe Performance - make sure you are monitoring your performance when you've increased the stake size.5. Set Performance Targets6. Prepare to Dial Back - increasing trade size should be temporary, you need to 'prove it' as opposed to the new trade size being the new 'normal'.Check our Full Scalping Course at:can now support our Production;

Lee Cooper

I am always the newbie

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Natasha Daigle

Producers: how many details are gonna be-Disney: nO


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Pastel Wolf Girl

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red saaryn

Not to insult any person that work in that environment. But, American English voice actors are extremely cringy. English translated openings and Endings are fucking cringy!. Let's give an example to justify my statement. Fist Digimon opening. From a calm song about love and reaching ones goal to a fucking cringy rock about saving the digital world in which the writers didn't even have the brain to not repeat the same piece over and over again. You guys are doing your best. I hope you get that paycheck, and if you can please encourage the idiots that decide what to do with the adaptation to use the original material and not something original that is borderline American washing

Amith Reddy

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Super Vasquez 17

That laugh though 10:26

Am _griffin

2009:meh2010:meh2011:meh2012:meh2013:meh2014:meh2015:meh2016:meh2017:meh2018:meh2019:HERE WE GOO

StarWing Gaming

is it weird that near the end i wanted to gag

Suwin Khamchaiwong

Sounds like my life in a nutshell.

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Its Nolie Blaze

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A society run by sadists who take pleasure in causing pain and suffering to the people they have power over. Regardless of reason they will exploit their power to abuse, and put upon their people.


3:06 I remember rewatching this scene over and over as a kid, i was always confused why I felt really sleepy

Anton Vids

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