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live trading forex scalpingProfessionallyHow to use Fibonacci professionally

King Avez

Molten magnesium in liquid nitrogen

Leonard Velazquez

Travis Scott -90210 is my favorite song from that album


I want a new phone and my Grandparents say they will get an a9 2018 and my parents say when I pass school or sometimes they say no we won't and 500,dollars is expensive but get this my grandparents say we will give you 50 dollars each so 100 and 100 etc..,.but my parents wont but they will steal my money and never give it to me if they didnt steal money from me till now i would had 300 dollars i lost my positivity when they said NO

shahrayaar Mukadam

We want boat battle part 2

Rayqua Sr.

What’s March madness

Julie Barton

Pittsburgh steelers 6x world champions I think the Patriots made an oppsie💩

Leah Granato

Why is dude perfects logo the same as dope or nope just a diff rents font


I like Amy rap is way better than Europe

TaP Kappa

Are you 99 years old :/

Angel Grey

I was born super late and my mom had a 10% chance of having me alive because I needed to get out before I drowned in the fluids that surrounded me. After me being 4 months late they where going to do surgery on my mom to take out the dead baby in her. She requested to see me one last time before letting me go so they did the gel thingy and they saw that I had turned around from the position I was 2 days prior which meant I was still alive and they did emergency c section on my mom.

Muroto-Kun :3

StOp CaLlInG tHe DaMn CoPs

Frida Ocampo

You survived!


quite coool.


nice house -Lukas H.  from Germany


Golf trick shots


Jazmin Vicente

You did what's right witch is good you made a right choice to protect your sisters

king julian

I'm sorry for you and your parends

Brent 13•

Pause at 3:17 can you see the awkward face?

kpop is bae

i love Guillermo's content!

Lizzy Glittersalad

I feel so bad for this girl I hope she's doing better. And honestly I think she has a really nice voice 😍👌🏻

Its Nova

How Russian post delivers the parcel2:18

Najmi Ahnaf


Ivan Meneses

WTF donut?

All Knives

Oh Pc

Cole Sullivan

A random person is in the panda suit 😂

Umbredog 197

New York has officially lived up to the name “New Amsterdam”