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febri anto

Indonesian subtitle

rini rinad

what's wrong with the comments!!

Yati Hayati Gojes

he is positive and cheer person. just his music not story

TinyDancer 02

I love your trick shot videos

Yo it’s MLG doge

Mrbeast I got a challenge for u Don’t eat food

chrisyplays and roblox

I would kinda be angry too like thats so not ok just keep it to yourself and now i hate u

His smoking effects my mum and she says she can't do anything about it if they're in the car together and hes smoking. I wish cigarettes were never brought to this world. Not just for my family. But for everyone else in this world who has gotten cancer or diseases from smoking.

Nelli Vierimaa

“Minute videos”


but im not good at anything

if you wanna date someone but then they become a douchebag

AnnaMarie 54


summer daze

h a v e y o u h e a r d o f t h e L G B T + c o m m u n i t y ?

Samuel J

This dude is a genius I want to meet him he seems interesting

Rachael Twilight

While this video is mostly great and has an important message, I do feel like it's important to bring up how psychosis is presented in the video. Most people with psychosis are not violent towards other people and are much more likely to be violent against themselves than others. It's a huge misconception given how a lot of media uses psychotic interchangeably with "violent" or "psychopathic" when they're not the same thing.

Ramandeep bro

Those NFL players seems least interested

spaceballs the username

His love and support for Hila during the whole video & labor process is fucking pure. Congrats to you both. <3

I’m In!


Chethan Kodenkiri

After watching this video.... Who need knife oe gun to cut orkill we have cards....

Christian Joel Lopez


René Tramontana

Most women have rape fantasies. This turn them on a lot. Its healthy "sexism", not the bad one.

Rayyan Khan Abdali 3A

dp is cool

Apurva Doddakurugodu

Y34tube is totallyyyy drunk... i think it can't count the v34ws correctly.. it suddenly became 3.3 to 3.9...😂😂

Gavri Benson


Димон Бро

Это реальный аксель???????????



Aws Rhaimeh


Adam Arabov

did anyone notice smile dog

Sophie Taylor

My brother and sister are twins and was born 4 months early there happy and healthy at 18 today


At 4:14 that is either subway, Jimmy johns or Firetruck or whatever that last one was called.

Chloe BW

My mom has this. She has medicine for it now, and it really helps, but it's still pretty bad.



// xeno //



Emma looks like a rat in the intro sorry not sorry

DQ Boies

You guys are the best you tubers ever I hope to see you guys some day that explosion was crazy with flour and the GO PRO LiVES👍👍🏈🏈💵💵

Shanshiprah Rama

The title is confusing , but I realized it was a figure of speech ...

The attainment

Her: I lost my long and beautiful hair now I'm depressed

Roberta Macgray

you guys are so cool i want you guys to do more sterotypes

ozzy's space

do a Lego Jurassic world episode!

tessa_BTS lover

The first thing that I saw in the tumbnail was the STARBUCKS LOGO that's why I clicked this video and watched it I LOVE STARBUCKSSS😍😍😍😍

Persons Mamma