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baddie kayyy

If she lip-smacks one more time 🤦🏽‍♀️


James Charles, is that you?

resna gaming

I am your fans ty


wonder if the pilot was drunk... also makes me wonder why accidents like this haven't happened more often if thats the case

Xx_gamernoob_xX 2 FFC

the lesson is always love children no matter what or what sexuality you are the important is what you and they feel in the heart

kozhyar muhamad

I like

Jordan Official

this story is almost like my story....

Colton Parker

⛽️ asf, gonna be here all 2019-2025


Wow literally nothing interesting. I've come to expect it of ubishit but come on.


NO YOUR CRYING NOT ME😭😭😭😭 this is sooo sad u and ur angel are in my prayers ur a mommy to an angel that’s amazing I could never do that

Dub version = Makes us normal

Just Callum



My sister messaged me this at 4:00 am I have a crush on the panda!!!!!,!

Syn_HyperSonic 54

Did anyone actually guess the sandwich right?

Leah Westin


i'm so happy to see these videos getting sponsors! your team does amazing work

Killian Keating

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Faprick Schlordes


Archie C

Sympathy for the Devil - Rolling Stones

Andyyy Wu

most minute videos titles sound like movie or novel names


In that first one with Splinter Cell, you can just hear the heartbreak and disbelief in his voice... Along with so much truth in that scene.

Sean Sutton

And the Best Animated Feature Oscar goes to... Oh, sod it, it's a tie between this and Toy Story 4.

Kim Hoogendoorn

it made me cry do a Nevis outreach one

Elleonor Aikman

i just made you hit 20 million subscribers!!!

Crazed _Bobcat100

can i plz try out for faze i know i might not get in but ill try if i get to try out email me

Anime Maniac26

My mother is sick but she doesn’t want to tell me it in details. I know that it’s not deadly though. It makes her tired easily, but she just doesn’t rest when it’s needed. I try to do whatever i can to make her happier or relaxed. I love my mom and she doesn’t deserve those struggles.


...They actually let you do this?! 😂😂😂😆



Isabel Ramirez

Team Corley

Bennett Kisla

Do golf trick shots with Bubba Watson!He's got an insanely creative golf game and could hook a ball 100 yards which would be fun to watch!

max karlsson

background song?

Your are overdramatic get over it


Oooo i like it when the ending that she divorced, rather stay in broken relationship.

Brandon Mathias

U should call it arrow hooper