How Soros Made A Billion Dollars And Almost Broke Britain

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last big jump

Luis Enrique Vargas Vázquez

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ضوء القمر

ok this my normal self too

Emma Gunter

Was it just me or did ty look Abe Lincoln

Sonia M

This was such a nice story i loved it at the end

Jeanine Yoka

This is so sad 😭😭😭😭😭

Super Vegeta

Is it just me, or is there something really creepy about teddy bears?

Sophia Montes

I want to see this movie and one of my sisters do to


it might of been a optical illusion or it was the wind because I don't think that was fake 

Darkest Argentum

the shadow warrior easter egg is a refrence to the original shadow warrior where you would find that girl hidden behind a waterfall early in the game if you were stupid and tried to attack her she would pull out a uzi and shoot you

westdragon 9289

I need it in spotify


Do you think Oj did it? - keith

Adoption is an option.

AlKa_Versioz Lolman Versioz

0:0 two stars are born

Chris Theis

17trending in indonesia 💞✌

This is a triumph. I'm making a note here; HUGE SUCCESS!

Pxrty Ps4

Amazing vid guru!

Brad Wowk

u are pro


I loved the panda

Trumpet Time

Jesus dude calm down...

Serdar Esendemir

@funwithguru movie has greendale reference on starting are you forget?

• Happy Devil •

Imagine this: She goes into the ocean thinking her parents are still alive. One of them could have came back as the horse? And at 0:56 the troll says something about her past and you can see a clip of her mother.


lots of respect for these guys, but srsly ? they seem like the biggest v-neck douchebags ever

living meme

I’m so sorry for your loss💔