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king cozy

who is waching in 2017?

Demonic Destroyer

Thx for restoring humanity's

Martin Hedqvist

Your voice is so relaxing and Nice

Adam Sams

I like the way you make top 10's without lingering on each game for too long.


This was posted on my 7th Birthday Lol

Billy Palese III

lets just ignore the fact he had trouble putting the jacket on btw im watching this in 2019 not 2015

earable hanson

Lebron James Kobe Bryant carmello Anthony Kevin Durant James hardenCrhis Paul Russell Westbrook. Deron Williams Kevin love Tyson chandelier

Lightning Warrior


Dubstep raged


Search Exam Material

Pop out again

Daniella Kaplan

I’m so confused by the plot

Who else does?

Akash Rathod

Upload your videos to People are Awesome club..

Dude, syncing the music with the trick shots...Perfect

Gold Dipped Goddess

OMG "Little Princess" and "Princess Bride"!!! I would watch that over and over but I didn't know it was ASMR. You're good!!! Subbed.

felt rand

Ok, so the guy shooting the ball is a total douche bag. And his friends that all stand around and wait all day to see him make one stupid shot are even more of a douche than he is.

Cinpu Shoute

I Feel Bad For Coby

Middelmådig Camping

Not to mention the 300 refference, all the Star wars refferences, King Arthur refferences, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves refference, Ma'iq the Liar, The assasin Chiecken, lotr refferences, the star trek refference and not to mention Julius Caesar refference that progs when mercer frey yells "E tu, Dohvakiin?"

Me: Panic! At The Disco.

DrawingRandom Things

This girl though, what the heck is her problem?

Ian Mandy

You can break a diamond


A teacher made fun of a girl while having a panic attack in front of the entire class calling her pathetic cause she was crying over nothing

But this is CD Project Red we are talking about, so shut up and take my money!

Tracey Duffy

Yes he

Ellie Vogel

i love movies

Jane Alexandrov

(from 12-year old) Minecraft Building Challange

jaidee Ramirez



The first words we heard were soooooo

Ricardo _7910


Julie Cripps

the name for the bow and arrow basketball shot should be called bow and arrow baller


Once again impressed with your work I love how you show a video of what the Easter egg is from keep up the good work!

Yanet Alonzo

El videooooooooo

Your Majesty

I'm so Ready for his new album coming out next week Indigo let's get it June 21St Chris I'm so ready


this is just the frieza saga in a game, or what?



Adrian Adams


‪⁦‪@_massacre‬⁩‬ ‪⁦‪@_violations‬⁩‬

John Deere Man



Those bacon and eggs looks so good right now

Adam Jakovcic

The warehouse is DPHQ2



Aleksejs Savranskis

ChickPerfect :D