Short Skirt Scalping Trading Strategy for Day Traders

Short Skirt - looking at trading setups and strategies.PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! I've been looking atLinda Bradford Raschke's trading setups in particular.In the previous videos we've discussed plenty of swing trading strategies; this is one strictly for the day traders out there.She's named this the 'Short Skirt' trade.This is a very active scalping setup and its actually one that I've been using often in the past and didn't realize it was something she used.I don't call it a Short Skirt; I call it a 'first pullback' setup.This consists of an explosion in volatility; let's say to the upside for now followed by a pullback to somewhere and then a continuation.Linda buys on the pullback and then she scales out as it approaches the high.I also know that Linda uses Keltners a lot and I've reviewed these before.This setup is based on a short-term continuation pattern that tests out with a 68%win-loss ratio on a mechanical basis.

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