Should You Avoid Leverage When You Trade!? 🤷🏿‍♂️

✅ Should You Avoid Leverage When You Trade!? Check Mark's Premium Course: Please like, subscribe & comment if you enjoyed - it helps a lot!Leverage - To Use or Not to Use? Should you avoid leverage when you trade trade?Trading without leverage?Does low leverage beat high leverage? My view is that if you're trading with a long term perspective it might be better not to use leverage.Because leverage adds to the pressure.But if you're short-term trading leverage is useful.Leverage is a tool as opposed as a way to gain capital.If you modest capital you need the leverage to amplify the returns otherwise its not worth it.At some point you have to get a little bit more aggressive.So if you can don't but most of us have to.But never use too much as too much leverage can wipe you out!Related VideosHow Leverage Works in Trading 👊Leverage is the Killer 💀Danger of Leverage: Transaction Costsin Forex Trading: How Much Leverage Should I Use? 🤔Low Leverage to Survive the Forex Markets 👊Daytrader's Cycle of Doom & How to Avoid It ☠️Reasons Why OverTrading is so Deadly 💀Game of Risk! ⚖️Must Follow Rules to Blow Up Your Trading Account! 😂

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Cool Dudes

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