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Xenia H

I got diabetes when I was 11.......


fart noise



Pau C

FUCKK, I'm fucking worried :((

Peter junior Williams


Thijs NL

Anyone watching this in 2019

Sadhika Sarathy

Lil Skies + Juice Wrld = 🤯🔥


I’m mr accessory

Blonde Denton

Dat ass scene was hillarious XD

Rocket Riot

i noticed you guys live in texas but do you live in dallas?????

The Mizzz


Jack Rietman

Who didn’t know it was checkers? Any body watching in 2019

Pigeon Man

i love your pp fun with poopoo

John Smith

this is why i fly delta

YLB Opps

When skies says he wants girls to ride him it means sum different


In 6 it's Max, not Sam.

Dan Andrei Pascual

arrggghhhh!..... my childhood yeah!....

Trash Trash

Welp, better prepare some condoms.


it looks to be going left because the ball is still reaching the apex of the ballistic trajectory (although a shallow one)

kieran taylor

👕 next is your birthday if I do want to play for your house and get some sleep or do we get together or you could meet us or not I’ll do a big party for sure but if we get some money I want to get a little extra and I see your car e to me if we are in school and we


im also bipolor

Chris Paul

@DuckzOnQuack If people hate that, then those people are retarded. It helps Guru out and it takes one click to do.

Crystal_PetiteNerf - Roblox and vlogs

Plot twist:

Bailey George

awesome , what is the song?


15:28 does anyone know what mission that is from?

The man BAndbro

I'm so sorry CoD how could this happen to me, I made my mistake got no were to run. life goes on as I'm fading away

paradox paradox

Can you do more trick I name is Achilles

Chi Vy

I cried :((((

Microsoft: NO MORE LOADING SCREENS me no believe


i hate history and y’all were just studying a map i wish that was what history was actually like

Severus Reee

girl:I had the perfect life: Good grades, a Huge house, friends,parents


4:08 does ty say the f word??

Itzel Chávez Bautista

El chiste es que no fumemos o que? No entendí :(