South Asian Economy GDP Reserve Export Ranking

South Asia is improving their economy day by day. This part of the world is the economic model for the whole worlds. Some of the country growing their GDP is very short time like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. The new fastest economy hubs are growing in this area. Goldman sachs declared Next-11 counters and BRIC. Most of the important things I realize that these areas three countries are in this list. South Asian economy will be the future biggest economy I think. Now I am showing you the south Asian economy ranking. By my ranking you can know about every south Asian country economical powers. You will know about Indian economy, Bangladesh economy, Sri Lankan economy and can be know also about Pakistan economy. So enjoy my video and stay with us.We have many more video Please Visit Our Channel and Subscribe.Bangladesh air force getting 3D radarBangladesh Air Force Getting FC-20 Aircraft from China in Bangladesh Durjoy Class LPC in Bangladesh BD-08 Assault rifle powerful MBT-2000 Tank of Bangladesh army in Bangladesh Harbor Patrol boat army getting T-90 tankArmy Weapons List 2017Air Force Aircraft list 2017 Navy Ship list 2017 Face book


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