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On number 5 the music that played when aperture logo came up sounded like the music from left 4 dead when you complete a safehouse

• Yani •

I want a Paul!

pdm 2209

All I can think of is how much the guy at 1:10 reminds me of Steve Carrell, it’s like watching Michael Scott from The Office

roberto101 Robertos

I hate this video Idk y


I think it shouldn't count that code landed his boat on its SIDE in the finals

ireland mcmillian

Also I have another question isn't the point of life to praise God and then die to be in heaven I mean like... You're going to die at the end but the story is an inspiration...

lewis sardo

When my uncle went on a diet he started cooking food in his sleep

Jordan Dexter

I wanna see their trophy rooms.

Dina Salman

I honestly don't think I will ever be able to tell my mom about my depression. I once tried talking to her about depression and she told me not to mention it in front of her. well I talked to her about depression in general and how no one takes it seriously but I never told her about my depression.

Jonathan tawadrous


Mark Hurt

the yellow claptrap said he was the only one left butt HE WAS WRONG

Axel Lindahl

What about the 'rabbid' in Nicky's house?

Miguel Canabrava

so ur saying that ur best friend said that ur fat and no one would ever love u?

Adam D

Idk what anyone says the yeti Easter egg is scary


24 minutes and 17 seconds of Jen being turned on by Kristen

also me: well you know what else you could’ve lost? you could’ve lost your long and beautiful life to cancer. but you didn’t.

Danny Britton

Ty try 100 yards


WoW 9,000,000 hit thing was right

ruby lovelace

She needed to call the police and gotten evidence against them she is obviously a wonderful girl and deserved that amazing family

James Stone

Lol, I thought panda was digging that hole for “Bucky”

Can only assume thats why it was so strong in the end and able to do all of what it did.

Mr. duke

you guys are awesome,not just in one thing in every thing AWESOME,AWESOME,AWESOME

Grade 3A ISV

How many money does this take.

Diana Castillo

That was good

Nienawidzę Szkoły

Good Job m8

KrqZe TV

All they showed was scared 😱 sheep?!?

enzo madriaga

does this work on ipad?

Critical Boi

Im mixed Of Youtube And Games But I Can Still Make It Thru One Day Without Meh Phone

Nahid Hassan

Best youtube channel.....

Lynn Sassone


mary's world

Looks like someone's having a break up and some people on toxic relationships

TaylorMal_ 13

Omg soooo cool