Stop Run Reversal (Market Manipulation) LIVE Trade on the EUR/USD

Stop Run Reversal Trader Blog Post - Wednesday we had a very nice stop run that occurred during the FOMC press conference. This presented an aggressive short (which I took and need to finish the video on) which is vital for predicting future price action.With that aggressive of a sell-off after the stop run, the probability of continued follow through is very likely the next day. As such, I was looking for another short-term stop run to provide even more confidence in continued lower price.During the European session, we had a very nice stop run of the Asian session highs. As we retested what I term as the 'failure point,' I took the short with a very tight stop loss of 10 pips.This 10 pip stop loss produced a very nice reward to risk ratio as prices did break down further after one last false push towards the highs during the NY Session. -SterlingForex Bank Trading Course -

Matthew Foulston

That last one made me lose it XD

Julie Baldridge

For all you who say Jeff Toney is Panda it doesn't say Mister P under Jeff Tony and says mr. T go to 1 minute and 40 seconds and pause it as Ty walks out of the conference room you'll see it


This was the best video it's so funny

Von Steiner

I really like the zerg rush one.

Ashlyn Rutherford

You guys should come to Holiday World and Splashin Safari the worlds first theme park in Santa Claus Indiana

Matthew Noojin

The cane and hat thing is the only reason to pick up colonial marines if you can find it really cheap

Janak Lal Markam

So You Met Logan Paul At Airport

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Icon Gone Solo

Eldegoss looks like a crossbreed of Roselia, Bellosom, and Whimsicott.

Brooks Lyman

tbh I think you overreact a little bit to much but i stil love you😍

josue hincapie

Soy de colombia!😂😂


great shots and terrible music since DAY ONE LET'S GOOOOOO


where was chanel

Production Focus

Ray Gun and Thunder Gun?! AWESOME


Panda falling from the tree

My heart is hungry for you I'm working for Gamology (+5 million fans on Facebook). I found your videos and I really like them!

Kou Music

102 players are salty squeaker spacefighter fans

Cheryl Reeves

My name is Demmi

Can We Get 1000 Subs With No Videos?

May God help you


Nibedita Das

Who is reading comments section on newest option in 2019???

That-one- girl

HAHaha, I bet you are.

Dogs for days Xx

I’m ten why am I watching this


what gun is that you have. i never seen that in zombies.

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candela Naican


Çÿkå ßłÿät

Who needs animation when yu have this mods!



Jyotishka Ray Choudhury

This music is still the sweetest in my ears.....❤️💙💗

Justin Womack

He said it took about 30 min to hit that shot, so I'd figure with probably 3 basketballs or so and the time to walk them back up from the ground, maybe 20 or so tries.

Shaan Desai

Lets go Panda!

Debbie Eikum

Bigest fan, COBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gabriel Reyes

Do swimming pool stereotypes

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Keigan Jones

Where could you find one of those mini trampolines. 0:28


this was posted on my birthday!!!!!!


Did the doctor get fired?

Sunset Calypso

Everytime he uploads I drop everything just to watch what he made. Can't say that for a lot of people I watch


So I take it there's a game buried in all them Easter eggs. Lol.


that last shot had to be first try never seen them freak out quite luke that.

Ur not in a movie! Ur not Moana!

Wes Tv

Guillermo #2020 for President !!!

Dakota Farrulla