Strategia per guadagnare . Trading, STOCASTICO + RSI 30 minuti

In questo video viene mostrato come utilizzare la tecnica " STOCASTICO + RSI "Stocastico settato a : " 5, 3 ,3 "Rsi settato a : " 7 periodi "Gradico: " 30 minuti "Grafico metatrader 4Per qualsiasi info piu' dettagliata potete scrivere a : broker per le operazioni a breve e lungo periodo consigliato:

Smiglett 03

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Jackzegamr 2001

The ‘Jake’ person (from the pictures) looks like a Anikin Skywalker from episode 3 of Star Wars ( Revenge Of The Sith.) Who else thinks the same?

Calm Down, Kim!

the way they say "important" makes me cringe

Katoji Sora



For some reason, I cant watch this on my ps4. It plays like 3 seconds of either the vid or add then cuts right to the autoplay. Its....annoying.


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Cynthia Utti

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Bryce Kelly

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Madison Brooks

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Behold_ Rebecca

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Noah Morales

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JazzyLand _x

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Doug McDonald

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Andromics Reborn

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Mr. Dogtor Cam

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SMB Clan

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Angel Espina

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Juicy Blue

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At 3 min: I don't need to know the rest,it's gonna be bad.