Strongest and Weakest Candlestick Patterns

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Jay Are Ancheta

The ballandarrow

Kevin Reyes

You guys should look like this again then go to a park ask if you can play basketball with some teens then destroy them

P aul

Your videos are awesome, keep it up!

Steven Chute

Those steaks were grossly overcooked


I see it onP 2019

Dmd Usa

Top 2020 game!

You fumble while receiving orders as a waitress


This skit actually looks like it could be a scene from Spider Man: Far From Home, but the dialouge you could hear is definitely written by the staff writers. Haha, Matt's mask, Wade's mask and Banner's pants, lol! XD

That says everything

Normal Dogs

The horse is like the whispers in brave and they also showed the stones in brave, soOoOOoO..

safalta gurung

girl that boy is sexually harassing u. if I were in your place, everytime he did me those I would have slapped him so hard .how many people agree with me????

Adachi Selas

This is incredible. I cannot imagine saying one word in front of that many people. They are singing, dancing, acting, and making jokes, in front of that many people, and it’s all memorized practiced to a t. Amazing.


Mad good look up nbnmstar14..they have awesome shota


Tati throwing James to the Giants

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day of your life

Jujan Bolatcan

Thats so nice!

Alexis Daniel

Me and my twin brother have diabetes.

Matthew Eakes

Genius for all games

Ryan Adolfi

What'd ya think of Blade Runner 2049 Guru?

Rosa Tarantola

Oh you the ppl who made instantgram cool!

Jürgen Iila

Team necklace: the coldest mad men


i think hes a better qb then tony homo

Joshua Henry

there is No order. after the new year patch (update) its only 1 song. it was only a temporary thing

Prolol Prolol

What about weed ... I won't stop that amazing stuff

Aksel Winther Groth

Wow, there's a lot of referances to 2001: A space odessy.. Pretty crazy..

Skippy Snowflak

Gloriana honey you were the girlfriend he said he’d never have 😂👏


Friday the 13th. never seen it? main antagonist in all of the movies. Hes an undying badass

nate ball

Canada is better

Gio Fool

I love you. Haha


The dead guy in the pier looks like lee everet from the walking dead game

Korina Rose

Dogs take a part of your heart with them when they pass. Thanks for loving her ❤️

Kaylee Markgraf

I am eating gold fish

Miguel Betanzos

1:54 this is called the rapid fire

Shots fired.

Arsip Epic Roll

the hollywood shit always amazed the audience with the hiposter effect

Julia_xoxo A

Bick eyes o shit i have freaking small eyes

Virtual ウルトラ

Is this a cool game? I mean is it worth it to buy it? Looks kinda cool to me and somehow reminds me of borderlands

Willie Marshall

He just wanted some cooter😭

Makayla West

do a utv battle

Wanwimol Kwunyajai

Gacha story the elemental sisters in a nutshell as a movie

Christopher van Zyl


Gaming Gandolf

loving ur vids:D keep up the great workC:



1. Exercise (when 'she' walks the dog) 2. Responsibility (for the dog) 3. Smiling (because of the dog) 4. Appreciation for life (but only the dogz, right?! )

Thats DIY

I can't speak...... I need help...... I think...?



Kamora Mcgregor

When Ethan said the price I was dying

Ya Boi LoLo

My husband has a LIGMA 👌🏻

Iain Cook

Can you guys seriously do a video with Nathan Chen? He's ridiculously amazing and seeing you guys attempting triple axels etc. would be sweet!


i come somewhere else

Zulvc Lb

I love you dude perfect but if someone read that subscribe to my channel please