Swing Trading is a SCAM & Swing Traders are FRAUD Victims

Swing Trading is a SCAM & Swing Traders are FRAUD VictimsYou will NOT make any money by swing tradingThe only people who make money by swing trading are those who teach courses.Those fake gurus:1) Likely do not trade2) If they do trade, then they front-run their communityTechnical analysis does NOT workInvesting in stocks is one of the best, and easiest, ways to increase your wealth, but if you have the wrong strategy, you will lose all your money---- Receive $400 worth of FREE options trading education- Try Real-Time Trade Alerts & Make $$---It's my belief that swing trading is a scam.There is a negative probability of profit.Fake gurus use technical analysis and indicators but... all of that is meant to confuse you.These fake gurus, like Ricky Gutierrez and others:1) Likely do not trade, instead they trade simulator accounts2) If they do trade, they "front-run" their subscribers where they essentially trade low-float stocks and rely upon their subscribers to increase the volume and increase the price while they sell3) They "plant" fake people in their chat rooms who act like they are profitable and successful.But... these people are actors to make it seem like others are making money.The reality is that it's extremely unlikely that the average trader who swing trades is profitable and it's much more likely that they are losing a lot of money.Beware of your desire to make quick profits by day trading or swing tradingThese fake gurus are marketersThey are not successful tradersSwing trading is a scamSwing traders are fraud victimsTechnical analysis does not workBe care and do NOT lose all your money in the stock market.BestStockStrategy videos provide the best stock trading and financial education available.Learn how to trade options and how to make money investing in stocks.You'll learn option strategies and strategies when trading options for beginnersOptions trading has a very high expected probability of profit.A successful trader is always an options trader who is disciplined and has a good trading strategy.I have never met a successful day trader.Take control of your finances and be successful in the future.⚠️🚨REMEMBER: MOST YOUTUBE STOCK MARKET INSTRUCTORS ARE NOT REAL TRADERS. THEY ARE MARKETERS WHO DO NOT TRADE.⚠️🚨You'll learn what Ricky Gutierrez, TheChartGuys, tastytrade, Sky View Trading & Financial Education don't tell you!1) The Basics Of Swing Trading | Investing 101Ricky Gutierrez3 Proven Swing Trading Strategies (That WORK)Rayner TeoSwing Trade Using FinvizThe Boiler RoomHow to Develop Simple Swing Trading StrategiesThe Trade RiskUnderstanding the Different Between Swing Trading and Day TradingSasha Evdakov: TradersflyHow You Can Make $100 Daily Swing Trading | Stock Market InvestingRicky GutierrezRicky Gutierrez Swing Trading for Beginners w/ Jerry Robinson of FTMDailyChat With TradersSasha Evdakov: TradersflySwing Trading For Beginners With Ricky Gutierrez | +$500 DailyRicky GutierrezTeaching My Little Sister How To Trade Stocks Like A Pro | Penny Stock InvestorRicky GutierrezWhy Did I Start Teaching People to Trade Penny Stocks?Timothy SykesWHAT IS SWING TRADING?Patrick Wieland#swingtrader #stockmarket

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