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-Coco a little one👧🏼

Jimy casket

In GTA vice city I got a shotgun with unlimited ammo on my mobile phone but it got dropped in the toilet :(

Tone Krnc

Clive barker's undying have some REALLY awesome easter eggs  XD


me opens vid " is that ... that's ryan tannehill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hyperventilated bc I'm a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee phins phan

Dicle Lorin Yüksel

Alright people, it's diffirent to walk with colorful flags on the streets and respect and love the gay or lesbian or trans people. It doesn't means if you personnaly don't support the Lgbt is you hate them and even you can not be one of them. (Trust me about that, I'm bisexual and I really like a girl these days.) as long as the other people loves you for what you are or at least respects you, it isn't true to justice them or even bully them. It will not do you better persons than the other people who bullied to Lgbt for what they believe anyway. Just chill out and respect the other people like how you wanted them!

William Abrams

A little obvious NFL would win.

Jarrar migos

awesome katana

Caleb Kline


Chris The Reborn

at 12:24 it could maybe be aurons sword

Pewdiepie’s Cousins neighbors mailman’s left leg

He’s born on my birthday!


Are there spoilers?

DunKan Memes

Cutting that tree down was very unnecessary😠👎👎👎👎👎

Nathan Lobono

I like how it begins and ends with the appearance of the wand shop keeper. These are like his only cameos in the films.

Emma Oliver

Cody: I don’t why I just fell over but I did so funny 🤣 love you Cody

Marcel Knezevic

i teleported and i didn't have the hacking thing so what am i supposed to do

ankith ank

we support indian olympic team

Now I rlly just wanna curl up into a ball and cry but I can’t since she was right next to me.

Raining Tacos

2018 December anyone?

Lucy Sneddon

When I told her the first time she ignored me then seconds later she said it’s probably nothing cause she didn’t believe me then that’s when I made a suicidal plan and I don’t know how to even talk to her at this point

mgl wulf

whats on movie ep 2 hmm actually can't wait



Update: it’s ight.. lilbaby came thru gunna was straight

TheCheezySquirrel 3269

Thai if you read this in the next video in the newest one can you show us your trophy collection because you probably have like a ton of them



Whole Wheat Timberlands

Dynamax+ stomp/body slam better be a ohko

Roman Celentano

thumbs up for panda

this is only based on my experience, feel free to share your thoughts




Finally, I can let it go!


Im a Rage Monster sometimes

Mai Chan

I'm praying for ya and every woman who's gone through the same thing. But one question: Why the heck does stillbirth exist? Why don't they just do surgery? No one should have to do what you did.

I am a failed loser in their eyes. :') this video encourages me.

Utsavi Mishra

Sadly justice system almost always let's u down. ....

Victor Tabares

Can you find the difference?😶😣🙄🤔😋😆😂😗😉😇😑😏😶😅😃😘😂😇😊🤔😉😗😑😶😗😣😎😇😂😘😉😆😚😗☺😗😊😗😚😗😶😇🙄😇😎😗😂😗😊😗😙😙😥😐😥😑😥😶😣🙄😣🙄🙂🤔🙂😇😚😇😙🤔☺😇🙂😗😎😘😋😘😊😗😉😗😀😆😁😆😂😆😃😅😃😄

Ryan McMinnville

Like lebron james

Chase Halpern

LOL They the only people who still go to adventure landing...

Lil Timmy

Garret is whereing Boston whalers ahl


what is the soundtrack of this video???2019???

uncle jimboo

Them pigs now how to drive

Jason Uttam

Bet panda is coby


I don’t know about u but I love to be different from others.. like whenever everyone wears dress I wear something cool boyish, or when everyone wears something casual I wear something like cute pink dress.. I love to stand out from others🌸♥️

Wolfy Chan

When u have skinny belly and thicc legs..

my eyes are just pissing.


You should do airport stereo types

Shamktk Shamktk

Help me

Mark Artesani

its the high to low

Ronan Ryan

the golf drive in to the moving jet ski net?... this is just impossible sorry lol

OLe Jack Green The weird green guy

Make yourself LEGALIZED then !

Kyle Mcclure

Absolutely amazing video Guru, perfect.

Wulf fy

This reminds me of when i would get bullied in 1st and 3rd grade by some boys and girls :,D

Changer Danger

my names jeff

Will Cork

Tyler don't remind the alabama fans about that :(


MarMar jello

Therese Karlsson