Test Trade: Williams' Fractals

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Trevor Khetsekile

Drake is going to rap again😝🔥😂


I never played any Halo games, so dont butcher me too much, okay?

Mike Pro

me : struck by lightning  V



Why are they booing .... Tony is giving tons of respect

Aiden Jackman

Philadelphia eagles all the way


still exclusive to the malware launcher...nope, as good as the trailer is it doesnt excuse 2K's stupidity and distrust to its consumers (oh especially with all that microtransaction bs we've heard you're forcing your devs to pump in even though the game is done...yeah...). see you all next year!...if i dont put my pirate hat on first.

David Tran

Who is watching in 2017

V Play’z

Dr Phil can’t fix this

Aaron Wanyo

Team coby all day man


I'm also paused fallout for this

James Cristin

This game looks ugly after 12 hours straight of rdr2

Daniyal Khan

2:47 look at that face at right 😂😂


Good I hope you and your baby die


i wonder how many times he did that.

Sebastian Gomez Castillo

Excelente tema me encantó

Cale Roe

i love you ty


I'm a storm bowler and have the belmo timeless.. really enjoy it plus have the storm sure lock and the storm Crux prime

Siddiq Ali

I love dp can I come to meet you where are you


Falls in love

Miriam Shahin

I know I’m depressed. I hate myself, my body, my face, my life...just everything. School and body image issues are the main reason but mostly school. I just can’t deal with trying so hard and never succeeding in school, and as I’m getting closer and closer to senior year the stress is just over baring. I can’t take the pain and I think about the peace that comes with death every fucking day of my life. It just gets worse and worse because the more depressed I get the worse I do at school which makes me over eat and feel horrible about my body and makes me question weather or not I’m to stupid for school. It’s just a never ending cycle for me and I don’t know how to get help because every time I try to tell my parents they think I’m being mellow dramatic. I’ve completely lost interest in all my hobbies such as drawing, crafts, and volleyball. I feel lost😢

Hanna Sewell

Steak sandwich from Stan’s

Peter Smith

Is kd playing tonight 6-10-19

Dragon Ballz Y'allz


999% fake

Solid Snake

WHOA! I recognize the finger style guitar cover song in the last bit of the vid! Great addition. Awesome that he allowed you to use it here, both the video and the song go along well together with how good they are.

played by hideo kojima

Oscar Ton


antonio griffin


I don't what to do anymore.


NO NO NO, porter is not a develeper at Treyarc. You would only know this if when you uprade the raygun on black ops, and you pay attention to what it is called, it is the (Porters X 2 Ray Gun) its all apart of the storyline and the TedyBear is Samanthas And Poter Is The Guy That Was Working On The Ray gun In Veruckt at the time the Zombies broke out at Shi-No-Numa snf thr picture is of samanthas hand, And Dr.Maxis. 1:41

ruby d

Duabi buaj kahfali

cashmoney baller

ita definitly panda