The Problem With Most "Free" Forex Signal Groups on Facebook and Telegram

In this video I'm going to vent my frustrations with these sickening "Free" Forex Trading signal groups I keep getting added to and claiming my 6th spot on Telegram. These groups aren't really "Free". Firstly, they want to entice you to sign up a broker account through them or pay for subscription. But there's something much darker than that, which as a introducing broker and affiliate in this industry, I won't stand to tolerate. Watch this video to find out about the sick thing they are doing.If you want to learn how to trade Forex knowledgeably and profitably through weekly webinars, trade signal case studies, members forum, and students Telegram group, you can join my #forexlearninggroup for FREE, just by opening and trading an account of $500 or more using these good brokers:ETX - (Also able to trade BTC/USD)XM - (Receive $30 extra bonus when you verify)Tradersway - (Accepts US& CA) Email or message my fb admin at to claim your membership!#forextrading #forexsignals #freeforexsignals

Vio hazard

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Teanna Cusaac

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Frankilin Clinton

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What's with all the interviews?!

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you forgot the Lol Limewire   Easter Egg  In real life, it is the opposite


I love your videos! Keep up the good work.

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I absolutely love your very inspirational videos! Keep up the good work!!

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you forgot the Dark Souls easter egg: on the middle of the acid lake in the Caustic Caverns there is a small island with a giant tree on it. if you get there without dying you will find a bonfire along with a warrior named Solitaire (a reference to Solaire of Astora). when you activate the bonfire, a ghost appears sitting next to it.

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Joy Benaldo


My Channel

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I remember watching FWG's videos a few years ago, the editing compared to before has improved dramatically, it's pretty damn epic

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