The Simplest and Best Trading Indicator I've Seen To Make Money

The most accurate and consistent trading Indicator I've seen.Check it out here: on us Facebook : guys whats up its sebastian kunysz from and today we have a very exciting tutorial on pivot scalper now today I’m going to talk to you about directional trading first I wanna show you what these diamonds and arrows and colors mean inside of pivot scalper these diamonds right here are considered secondary signals these arrows are considered primary signals basically no brainer the colors are just up and down. So if you like to trade in one direction and increase your probabilities of taking winning trades and lower your variables then you will find value in what I’m about to show you ok so how do we know do I take the red arrow do I take the green arrow do I take the diamond? well I’m about to show you a little technique here thats really easy and right-click go to indicators SMA in this case we are going to use a hundred SMA don’t have to but I like the 100 and black you can pick any color you want it does not matter and right away one can see that these primaries are below the lower moving average right so they can be taken. This one here would have been avoided because its not part of our plan trading below the average or above the average if this price was above here we have another valid entry here valid entry here nice primary here valid entry there so a lot of winners this one here here could have been a small wind small loss depends on how you managed it these right here would have been avoided because they are not with are moving average. Valid set up right here now here we have our first true loss can we avoid this one? well its not possible to avoid all of your losses in trading but perhaps we could avoid this one let me show you how right-click go to indicators lets take the MACD apply and go we did not get a crossing or new histogram bars in the MACD we would have just avoided that trade altogether. These we would have avoided another valid short right there thats below the average we got new histogram bars below the average so that counts more trades here these weren’t super super great but you still would have made money on them in total we would have money for sure perfect setup right here beautiful winner there winner there small one here but all in all the Definitely would be profitable and look the MACD crossed just winning trade after winning trade and believe me when I say this is all that you need to become profitable with pivot scalper many many ways to trade profitable ways with pivot scalper but just this one simple way one can immediately see the value. We just went over some trades you know I don’t have enough good things to say about pivot scalper because I trade it all the time and see yourself! ok going on a ramble here where to get pivot scalper go to ok and also at we have a free how to trade pivot scalper more like a pro webinar coming up so make sure you sign for that and please like and comment on our Facebook page . alright guys my name is Sebastian kunysz I’m excited to talk to you have a good dayCheck it out here: on us Facebook :

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