The Struggles of Trading - The Real Forex Trader: Trading To Success

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Shane Sweetman

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Erik Skog

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Ahnaf Hossain

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TheTechnoBlade S

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Abril Apanco

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Eh Oh Dino

Best video you've done so far! Keep it up Guru!


The BossDragon

i like to hear your voice great work

ln linh

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Clapa Memes

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Elisa Ekaputri

Now I can't wait to see it!! This gives me goosebumps from the very beginning to the end!

Sofi Rébora

Amazing!!! Loved every second of it

booty licker

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Tiny Poke

So my mom has a boyfriend, right? He and his whole family smokes. I remember when I went to his house and they were smoking all over the place and I started to cough and I couldn't even sit outside without the smell of cigarettes. My mom had to sit in the car because she developed lung problems when she used to smoke as a teen and they have such an impact on the little children there! One of my would-be cousins told me that his 10-year-old brother was smoking in the bathroom. Did you hear that? 10 years old and smoking! In reality life is short and smoking is making it shorter.


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Carter Crum

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Jdizzlem 123

if you watch sub its better because its authentic

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My grandad did the same with my mom and her sister.....they ran away teenagers....I just don't understand why he taught that way.




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Juju Cakes

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