The Two Simple Indicators I Use for Forex Scalping

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A Loux

this reeks of the same energy of my (ex) friend that took a year to "come out" as transphobic lmaoooooo this is such bullshit

Pooh •

Where the legend was born



Can't wait

Michael Camacho

What is panda's real face

Deekshit Guleria




Panu Malkasilta

You should make finnish baseball trickshot video 😄

Most people that are gay dont


OH My GOD, Flawless edit dude, i don't even realize this at all

CHANBAEK Enthusiast 🗣️

when you all 3 😥

Geo Dinoso

You can also see Steve Ditko in Miles’ phone book in another part of the movie :)


I just finished the Chef show before watching this video :D

Gam Sansam

Noice. Always happy to see a new video, even if the content isn't. I'm 30 and hate 99% of you tubers, but you make good shit dude. I also hate these wanky comments about how good you tubers are, so apologies for that, but my days are often brightened a bit when you post. Cheers.

Anim gaming

It is a barbar

Jake Albright

What is up with the gun in the holster?

Rajesh Deotare

One thing is sure

Chloe Price

i think i've watched this video like 8 times now.

Shriman Maheshwari

Like if panda show his face 😂😂

Robert Orzol

It would be cool if you brought back the old intro

Bulba Fett

Cory in the house is superior anime


Ich bin ein mann

Ira Veasey

dallas cowboys need him

Still struggling rn

ניקיטה בודובסקי נ

The Phone addictedI am that

Did this actually happen

Kaden Thompson

can you do a slingshot video.p.s . bestshot


U missed the söder easter egg ;S

Super sister Sparkles

This is not true because if you don’t sleep for 3 - 5 days you can die


Where is Garrett

Provokator 6

The ending :(

Roman Sanders

I have all these symptoms but sadly my parents think it's just a faze

7. Hah! No, he did not save me! He kidnaped me in his unknown house, in an unknown place! This is NOT CALLED SAVING!

Jackson Lingle

can i buy the brid one plz


What about the guy that doesn't show up


This is what not getting laid looks like.

carson thacker

I found an Easter egg in super hot in one of the last levels

Murilo Baclany

Guys 2019


Ian Maina

0:04 - 0:08 We know your mum was 17


"then i passed out" that was rather dramatic

Jessica Stakes-Upshaw

I bought a few Scott Barnes brushes because of you...and I love them! I have hooded eyes (I’m also 34) and the 61 and 62??...they changed the game!!! Best advice hands down and I didn’t expect it to impact THAT much. Crazy.

King Djuan

Here before 1 Mill

X and O gaming

You're bosses