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Always using the excellent Agimat...I have just 2 EMA's I added to the chart to pick up extra pips in between the "4 Confirmations" !Please use my own Agimat link assigned to me by Dennis... if you are considering getting your very own Agimat Licence!ATTENTION:When you use my link to purchase Agimat...I offer a code that you can use to save 15% off the cost of Agimat. I suggest getting in one or both of my 2 Telegram groups.. free to join.. This way you can contact me and I can relay you the code and take care of your FREE Uncle Scanner... It scans up to 30 pairs at once..every Time Frame.. looking for the "4 Confirmations" set up that has proven so very effective when trading with Agimat and this scanner! Compliments to Roland Pips.. This is The Agimat Trading GroupThis is the link to the TDI Trading support group! am in both groups every day and constantly interacting with our great members!Thanks to BullBear...Roland Pips...NOS...Nitedusks for their contributions and hard work..and most of all I thank Dennis Buchholz... my friend and great trader and inventor of both Agimat and The FSO 7 Harmonic scanner! Uncle Lee's Agimat link: Lee's FSO Link:

I'm 11 and already at IQ for a small job

Klastube Playz

Why does Lucas look like Mark Zuckerberg?!

I think she wanted ME to die instead of my twin sister, who had died of a heart failure when we were born.

Jet Frost Gaming

Guessed Hunger Games and Jaws first. Others I was clueless.


muy buen culo digo video

Džo džo

i love monster house

Frankie Gee

Not bad, .... for a cowboy.

hiha haa

Нихера себе

Sienna Kennedy

Omg that’s so sad

melanie gracia

This slaps! Good job entering humor grandpa and Noel sounded so good 🥰

Jasmine James

9:57 Am I the only one seeing Emma with the paperclip earring?

كردستان قوى

iguss this is quit frome me talk gear solid phantom pain

Now it's been a lifetime since anyone there worked on a farm, but about 20 years ago the subsidies stopped. Nixon opened China after all... They eat dirt now.

Teh Pucuk

April 2019

cat angel 4000 - Minecraft, Roblox and more!

I'm the shadowerLike if you are too

Jennifer Ernest

what about vacation stereotypes?


“These jars of preserves will last one year.”

glitchy Scarbrough

6:37 i doubt that anyone loves me just sayin

Eliza Tovar

Aww you guys that’s you’re baby ! Like you guys created that what !! Crazy 😩😍✨🙏🏼🙏🏼👶🏻 so blessed

C Squad

I saw your snap story may he or her Rest In Peace they are in a better place now you guys are in my prayers

Solange Lazaro

i want the legend in portugue, because i live in Brazil

Emma Drew

How does she remember such details from so young.

Jonathan Mcbride

Pump is better

interesting avocado :3

I'm allergic to gluten, dairy, grass, some detergent/ soap, chilli and glitter so

user name

no youre an animal mate

Bts_Army 10

I have experienced about 6 of those symptoms but I know no one will believe me so I talk to my friends about it and feel better