Tips For Beginner Traders | Interview Q & A

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Barnabas HD

FYI Sam... that deep fried steak resembled what us midwesterners call 'Pittsburg style' - seared on the outside, and rare in the middle.


A Christmas story

Mattia Di Capua

How are you with those subscribers?

Ilona Gergis

Lets go raptors!!!!

Ultimate Fitness Couple

you know they are big time when they get mike evans and zeek to do a fucking youtube video with them lol....probably cost them a pretty penny to rent some time!

Hayley-Olivia Torres


Eric Laufenberg

Why do the pokemon still make 16bit noises Q.Q



Purple Elevated Cat Heads

cory looks like a lizard

Randy McGibeny

i play socer to but it end but summers coming soon and my brith day

Clare Davis

Another making boat challenge

Weng Catral

No ty win

David Perry

I think the fisherman from avatar would disagree with your idea that fish is meat

yoan sanjaya


Bradley Mosman

The job isn't finished when the baby's born. Bearing children is a matter of biology. Raising them is a matter of character. There's nothing amazing about a woman who gives birth and then turns the child's life into a living abortion.

Hopefully, I don't leave you on your own

Inferno Play 20

I seen the show


So anyone who doesn't agree with your ideals is close minded? Why do people think it's their right for us to feel a certain way about them? It's just selfish, you do you but don't ask everyone else to change so you can feel more comfortable.



wow Wii Sports got a great update

whosawhatnow productions

Do blitz ball battle 2


So 3 years ago was still the era where people did not get the jokes...


lovely as ever!

Colton Conway

Hey guys love y’all and would really love to meet y’all In person


panda cause he looks awsome