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Victor Mra

I think its time to get rid of the controller and come up with something new..or totally reDesign it fuck software give us something new damn it!

Jacob Pedersen

The shutgun is fucking awsem

Maximus Lampus

As soon as CoD appeared I left.

Rezki Jabbar Mulia

Make it again.. :D

Hadi Taki

Thank u next


Mega OOF

Way to go Lele!!



Unicorn Phases

Ayyyyee I was I born in orlando florida

If you feel like you have to defend you beliefs so badly, why did you even come to this video? Why does it hurt you so much for people to be who they are? Why does it hurt you so badly for someone to transition from male to female or female to male? I don't understand why you feel like you have to take someone else's life so seriously that you have to go to places like the government and possibly even make it illegal for people to be who they are.


YAWN Hell, I'd rather take a game based off the story of Dragon Ball, GT, or even Dr. Slump. Kinda tired of Dragon Ball Z's story in games. It's been done to death.

His nose look like a rusty nail

Brian Lawrence

1 subscribe for me for 1 subscribe for you

Antoni the Super Slav

James Bondage

Jack Ferrin

i read through the blurs


as long is it looks like meat and tastes like meat i am fucking fine with that even if the meat is grown using fucking uranium in a science lab i'm still eating it


like someone else said in another post, this is my neighbors' favorite new tune! played it over and over


" FUCK ØLLY " ok....


The Spiderman 2 pizza theme plays in the pizza shops


i’ve watched this so many times, please make another one

joel thomas


lightdog _

Oh yeah yeah

Me : "Because walkin' would take too damn long. v:< "

Emma Nx11

PLEASE try Emme Cosmetics!! They're a Canadian brand, and it was created and is run by women!


Don’t worry guys they patched this 👍

Hiyaaa Green

1:13 I know this is late but I think you should call it Arrowball so creative


Brandon Tran

You guys havedphq 1 and 2 Guess what I have a house!Btw who else is wishing to have something like this?

Mad Hatter loves Whiskey

A ex boyfriend has BPD. It was hell being with this person. Since I dated him, I suffer from a physical chronic disease. Keep away from these people!