This is an animated video presenting the top 5 takeaways from Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom, by Van K Tharp. 📈 Learn more from some of the world’s greatest trading wizards 📈- Top 5 Takeaways from Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom: - Paul Tudor Jones (From the Book “Market Wizards”): the channel by getting Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom by Van Tharp (or any other two audiobooks) FREE by signing up here: 5 takeaways: 01:13 1. Trading That Fits04:00 2. The Notion of R06:19 3. Exiting Techniques08:58 4. Opportunity10:30 5. Position Sizing – The Most Important Part of a SystemThe bestselling holy grail of trading information - gives traders an edge in the marketplace.“Sound trading advice and lots of ideas you can use to develop your own trading methodology.”-Jack Schwager, author of Market Wizards and The New Market WizardsThis trading masterpiece has been fully updated to address all the concerns of today's market environment. With substantial new material, Van Tharp's most recent version of Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom features, among other things the 17-step trading model. Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom also addresses reward to risk multiples, as well as insightful new interviews with top traders, and features updated examples and charts.Van K. Tharp is an internationally known consultant and coach to traders and investors, as well as the founder and president of the Van Tharp Institute. He is the author of multiple bestselling books on trading and investing, including Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom, Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom and Financial Freedom Through Electronic Day Trading.Van Tharp is a highly sought-after speaker who develops courses and seminars for large banks and trading firms around the world. He has published numerous articles and has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Barron's Market Week, and Investors Business Daily.

Shortcut Gaming

Anyone else watching in June 2019

Martin Aleksander Skogsrud


Eduardo Morina Trevisan


The Perezs

"who said a gamer can't be successful?"

Madison Russell

Those cats (and the popsicle recipes I guess) made my day 100% better, thank you

Squah Clan

Dp u are awesome


All of the missed attempts at 3:47 lol, by the wall


The opening seconds are just stupid.

Purple Street

This snapped from the start

Shera N. Oquendo Rivera

Bruh tjay finna be mad mad

John Kasperek

Is this fake or real?

Muhammad Hafizi HK


Der Kultra

Film with tom brady


I feel you, my brother got a scholarship of 4500 dollars and got an art trophy then my other one is like a genius like legit year 11 but is doing University/college stuff or higher

I can tell by your charm and your arm."

Smooth Stick

Well adidas did buy three stripe thing from Karhu shoe brand so so very fake shit

Tipsy Knight

Love for our Boi


2015 was the year of the Weeping Angel Easter Egg. Witcher, CoD, Just Cause, and probably more.

See Xiong



Tulsa 😮

Sasha The Gamer

Who thinks he looks like Hiro from big hero 6

Tim Van Vugt

Ty always win

Tetel Siasoco



Better than yt rewind

Girl : so * explains plan *

rabbaniyah 10

how tf they do all of the shots

tony jia

Wonder how long I watch dude perfect for there first vido.

Jay Snake

Just cause 2 smoke monster where?

El Demon

I never clicked a video so fast

Sander Kambuås


Loretta McGehrin

In a way Cody looks a little bit like the Phillies player Rhys Hoskins.

It also may happen your father blackmailed her. Your biological mother was afraid that your father will take you away from her that's why she didn't tell him about you . So why she won't contact with you later ??

Gacha Qweendom

I have OCD but not this type, I literally cannot go around until someone cleans for me. I literally freak out and yell at them to clean up. Ew


Apology accepted 😢

Jeffrey Whittinghill



I think my dad would do the same thing...


1980 doesent work help

Vava lopes

Adoro o vídeo de vcs eu assisto todos. Mas vcs podiam colocar legenda em português pra eu saber oq estão dizendo.

Maya etc.

you’re a brave brave man, putting studio ghibi stuff up


im also the overtime master LOL


sigh, you sir, are an idiot.

Lightning clan Vlogs

go suscibe to pewdiepie


The real question is how did he get marcus from gears of war to have his name be nick