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Bill Roper


Brodina7or Tomé

OMG i guessed lord of the rings first yayyyy

We all know your laying on your bed or couch.

Emilie Bender



Ahh, ur vids are so smooth and chill i love it


OMG I'm crying. It really reminded me why I love Broadway. Every moment with the live shows feel really magical. It makes you wanna get up and dance with them, there's nothing like it. You walk out that theater and leave with an unforgettable experience that you'll keep forever. Something that will make you wanna see it again 'cause you crave for that feeling you felt the last time you were there.


alot of work was put into this, well made man you did a good job

Kooper Jerome

That stan lee cameo tho :(

Anthony Morales



They should make a mothers edition video tooCorrected


My mom had one miscarriage and fall into depression. She tried again after a few months and here I am. . .

Imani Maldonado

“Every corner of the planet”


is this fake ?

եɑҽ ӏíҽ

On 8:57 did Emma say bae?


can you try to get close to the UFO from above of it? so, when it's disable your helicopter, you'll fall above


Once Upon A Time in America: Ladies & Gentlemen, tonight we wanna celebrate "The Magic of Live Broadway" and all the talented hard working....

Angelene Montana

She ain't messing with no broke boy

Melinda Rex

Doesn't marbles seem a few years younger since his teeth has been pulled?

Juiceman Irving

KSI seriously can’t dress lmao


Um lol!

Valerie Hung-Nham

Never do that. Because I am 😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


Flamethrower needed! Imieddietly, before this sickening disease, will spread!

Luca Ahlers

That video was so egg-treme

Jesse Sparks

All of that illegal water will just go around your wall. Ask any liberal.

What do you mean by "not supporting"?

Nicklas Oliver

More stereotype videos!!!

Marc Stroh

In number 5. I also noticed the twin girls from The Shining in one of the cubes.

zach Copp

Let me help someone right now. You need to not care about ANYTHING. Good or bad. Friend or foe. Your life will fall apart and be rebuilt naturally. You need to let the pressure melt away by dropping all care. Itll save you, if you can figure this out.

Spoiled Milk

I don’t understand number three

Nareelanna spiro

3:51 it wrote in thai it said i cant ฉันไม่


So in Uncharted 4 do we need to look out for tlou references?

Hoang Nguyen


Kinley Purvis

I knew it was checkers 🤣🤣🤣

Forum Dream


(I am currently 10 years old)

Tyler Iken

I love that game lol, i played it when i was 9

Madleen Scatena

So sad how everybody finds it more important to film him than hug him for his birthday.

Jonas Horner

Love you tyler

Louise Darnell

if i see a easter egg or somthing like that can i send it to you

Brent Rolin

Can you give me a shout out

Connor Luskin Vlogs and gaming

Josh allen

Tristen Gerig

Dang bro I was going to watch avengers Sunday but now I got to watch it today

mik paule


Isaac Lee

Omg this was so cool


GuruKid where have you gone?.. You better come back right now!!