TRADING EDGE 262 - Different Timeframes Tell Different Stories

What timeframe you trade makes a difference & if you don't define what timeframes you're allowed to trade you could find yourself in some serious trouble.Years ago, I had one of my most profitable trading months EVER! Yet gave it all away, because I executed a bad trade on a timeframe that I wasn't supposed to be trading. YES! You heard me correctly, a SINGLE TRADE took away a months worth of profits. In today's video, I'm going to share with you an example of an excellent trading opportunity on one timeframe, that becomes invalid when taking a closer look at the lower timeframe. Make sure you check out our FREE "ASCENSION" webinar & "TRADE TO MEASURE" WorkshopStokes on Social mediaFacebook #LearnToTrade #Technicalanalysis


In some families, parents may often be an example of inappropriate behavior, then children adopt this sort of act and simulate it with their peers. It’s awful how bullies act confident and powerful but deep inside is one big coward... Parents and school should raise their children better, it’s obvious that they don’t do their job properly because violence lasts for a whole year... Also, main character was just a dumb kid who wanted to be accepted in a society but in a completely wrong way.

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I'm stupidly fertile but don't want kids, if I could give you my eggs... My uterus... Etc I would, I think women who don't ever want kids(and no I won't change my mind, I'm in my 30s now and still don't ever want kids) should have the option to help those who can't via surgery.

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Red Alert is from the very first metal gear game. Just saying.


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NBA is going to be special again if KD or Klay leaves it will really even things out because if warriors were healthy right now this is not a series this year period and they would be closing them out in 4 5 or 6 at most sorry Toronto fans but it's TRUE , but cavs never got the excuses so neither should the warriors either way go win that championship and deserve it

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