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Faith Uzumaki

Lucky me I don’t get hurt on puberty a WOT?

iminthevoid -YouTube Content

3:00 to 3:37 happens to me when I lose a game of Fortnite with a gold scar and blue pump

Lily Thurman

I HATE THE GOVERNMENT SO MUCH😖😖 they make me hang out with someone! they don’t think about what you want. At all! We should be able to see letters they give us.😭😩😢they took my sister. They make me hangout with my grandma every other month I hate her. THEY DONT THINK WHAT WE WANT ITS FREAKIN STUPID. I’m crying so hard I HATE THEM😖😭

Pheenix Wade


Hassan Shawky

I will never do a subscribe to that channel



Joe Bozic


Rilo Pambudi

I'll be that sweaty guy then, and grunting too..

Riccardo Lamon

what pond was that

Knife crab

your in mereden


Only I saw the reworked Prince of Persia?


Best part ever "balls fly at herat 60-80 mph"

sutarno tarno

How much was it to repair the court?

Martin Brunt

I really want to know what that other Die Hard reference is now.

kory loveless

tom brady


For the rage monster they should have had someone in the theater who has seen the movie spoil it for everyone else

Blupanda 0614

im paul

John wolf

dud hella sick

Besim Mulaj

I have a twin sister😁😁

Gamer Akshat

And you know what dude perfect my " trick station " is made because I was inspired from you all


airsoft but i don't have bullet hahah

Knofy DaMeme

i like your videos

Muktar Sama

This is amazing

Brayden Franz

1 on 1 b-ball tournament


i was 5 at that moment

Kalpana Ramesh RK

Always dude perfect is best


Pay attention the text comes on screen saying that was A glitch.. The fist one is a easter egg...


SO people saging ito fake now you see?

Lu Win Kre

so there are some easter eggs in the video of easter eggs , interesting

Genevieve The savage queen

451k I will break my phone

Zain Mullick

Garrets fall was the funniest

Then the Yeti came after the guy and killed him while on the journey of a lifetime to find the glass shard. featuring.....Micheal Bay~ 


Just think about this kid. How she can’t do anything or move anything. Just think this. Now think it again but then think how u act when u don’t get something even though you could do it yourself. This child can’t move her arms or legs just her head. So think this before the next time u have a temper tantrum about not getting or doing something u want to do

Bryan Jacobo

fake and gay

Arakin: uh my name is Maserati

Sister Alexa


Fatah Chekalil

هل من عربي هنا

Church Moore

All the dislike is the opps



shut up exe

the definition of polyamory: the practice of engaging in multiple sexual relationships with the consent of all the people involved. this means that if there is no consent between ALL parties, that it isnt ok, and its cheating

Céd the Other Entertainer

3:14 616 Universe snapchat = snapface 😅

GamerLeighton Hurst


Natalia Sanchez

When I was 10 my teacher didn't believe me and it sucked I felt stupid. Jokes on him I did what he said I couldn't

Ash Harris

‘Just be Schizophrenia’ wtf


that ending thow