Trading Signals and How to Use Them with Steven Mayne

Steven Mayne the director of IPR Capital talks through how to use a chart properly and well. He discusses the use of candle sticks and tells us some simple trading ideas and systems. A must watch for those learning to trade. Tip TV was launched as an innovative & punchy web-based live video magazine, offering high conviction tips and trading ideas across multiple investment betting instruments.The finance show covers all asset classes and aims to bring short snappy views on market events, charts and digging deeper into company fundamentals.One year on from its launch, the show continues to expand its content and range of guests.See More At: @OfficialTipTVFacebook:


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Anyone else here miss these kind of video's? Like newer one's are cool but this is like raw footage when they used to show you the bloopers at the end and was always funny. Now it's only perfect shots. Like if they put their bloopers in their the video would be alot better js.

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