TRADING The London Forex Market Stop Hunt

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Phantom XXIII

little did Cory know... this was the first of many wheel unfortunate picks...


YouTube for my ipad just updated and it has this annoying pause button in the middle

Graham Decker

Thank you Stan Lee

Stewart Ellis

The shooting really isn’t all that hard to me. That other stuff. Wow 😮

Jayden Saenz



left 4 sailors 14:26

Fergo Tron

Now I wanna get french toasted so can I plz

Devon Hardin

When Chris Paul said I shot it while it was upside down did anyone else here tyI new


Saints Row ?

Bigdaddy Trey

Corey looks tired

Von Steiner

I really like the zerg rush one.


If I was the waitress I would of kicked the boyfriend out of the house and called the police


midget zombie pops out of the toolbox *punts zombie across the room*

Talisson Andrade cunha

Quem é br da like

Parker Ehrman

ware was Garett

Bearded Moose

Why did the game's texture shit itself for a second at 3:40? A glitch or intended by the devs?

Leafs Fan

lol cory kept forgetting his back at different holes in the second all-sports golf battle and now he left it at the airport.

gamer boy

Patriots won super bowl 53.woo

Marco Alfredo Concepcion


nikki xo

wth is going on in this story.


queen <3

Pierre Morton

You should do volleyball stereotypes

jacob bailey

That’s a dope football 1:12

Ms. animelove04lol

Boyfriend:hit baby

Vanessa Ng

Me: sends long deep text about a heavy topic

Galaxy Shadow

On money doesn't grow on trees, the editors spelt doesn't wrong he put doens't

Flashwind Gaming


angie mutua

My dad has the same shoes as cody


If the majority are aliens for you then you have problems and you are broken. You just need to accept it and live despite the fact of being broken. Sweet lies are good for kids but not for the adults.

haven castillo

Will the old boy still be alive???

Leo gamer


(. ) —🍪


They live in


Do you speak English

Evan Bradley

Like panda panda is the BEST person ever

evan york

the dissapointment in her voice in the last part of the video

Edward Cummings

I want bloopers

(I gotta leave) Get down girl, go 'head

Grand Slam

"666 thousand views"