Trading The Trend: 1hr Forex Charts

Jorge shares with us his modified entries on the 2e Trend Trading system.

caelan beastz

my favourite game is borderlands 2 :D

Firecracker HD

Sub me i sub everyone back:) if not you can unsub me ofc

Rumardo Scheepers

Are you sure you don't have Schizophrenia, or perhaps suffer from Psychosis?

Dandy Candy

This is my life.

Sudeep Abraham



Look at the way she snatched the 100s

Marvin Cariaso

Satisfying guyz!!!

Amy Ponder

Any one watching in 2017

Alexis Morgan

Forgot about this movie for a second

surrealism 927

6:18 You're a Wizard Harry.

Job? She is in bed with me all day

Case Robbins

There is no sound in space there needs to be out kinds of rocks and clean water for sound to travel science

Zach Haven

How could you forget the toasty guy ?


Alright here are these (gun and bullet that can kill the past) have fun.


Subtle thumbnail haha 😏


Who the fuck let this guys an aeroplane lol


ersonaly No one really cares what you think

Maggie Potato

Omg Harry Potter im gonna die-

mystery 478

Wait...has anyone else noticed that Guru has been acting different? OMG I think ISIS has him. Guru if your being held hostage put a Dj Khaled easter egg in your next video #SaveGuru

Aspen C

The interviewer sounds so tired of Sugar Baby....

Scarlet Smith

Unpopular opinion: Cory is a bit too full of himself. I say a bit, but a mean a lot.


You forgot the "Johnny Tag's crashed airplane"-easter egg :D

BananaFox MSP

Love the drawings 😍

But who cares?

That's crazy

I wonder when that's amazing will do collab with dude perfect

chris Weaver

My worst nightmare 3:21


At 4:23 If this game was made around this time I think we all know who would be in that elevator.

My mind somehow read it as the rapist 4:44 | Harry offers to help Luna


omg your bf wants to have sex? throw him away he must be broken


martial arts trickshots


Wow me and Alma have something in common. We both hate our dads.


It's not just the Dallas Mask, it's the whole Map :p


Damn, Halle can sure eat the hot one like a snack.. she was my childhood virginity breaker (with or without clothes, doesn't matter because it's all about her soulful eyes, her genuine lethal smile and her believable acting). Thanks for having her on your show. Thank you, thank you, and thank you Goddess Halle Berry for doing this.