True Story - JP Morgan - Finance Documentary

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Nothing wrong with these but just asking when is next easter egg video for video game coming?

Remnant Elementor

I am definitely No-Touchie


the guy in the blue shirt and the baldish guy with no shirt, are they twins?

Aramyz Van Gogh González Resendiz

Yo me llamo Van Gogh

Robbie Walker

That last joke is as bad as LSP implicitly raping Finn. Bad... BAD Guru!

Katie McNish

The most awesome stuff I have ever seen! I love the game! Keep making videos guys!

Ragini Singh

JP isthe best


KD is going to dunk all over TOR, Max won't get what he's looking for lol. Love Jawhi but he ain't shutting down KD.

Max Crawford

23 bounces


it's called youtube lagging. or you have a shit computer. not fake.



sounds more like she was scammed by her best friend. romatic but a little unrealistic


oh damn!!!


Fuckin 🐐.

Syifa Rizki

Take a picture!😂😂😂

Gacha Ads

You know what this channel should be called?

Syedfawad Rehman

you are best

Zachary Bland


xDuck Playz

I dont really care who wins ill still eat at texas roadhouse


Wispy Ghost

Oh my god. I am..... totally lost throughout pretty much this whole video 😐😑😐

Natalie Claribel Antonio

WTH ,When she said "A story now worth 25 billion dollars . I was like , Wow thats alot of money ! Harry potter ? and i scrolled through the comments and i saw harry potter ! what is this sorcery?????

Curtis Wheeler

what a fitting song