Steven Garcia

Outback is one of those franchises thats pretty damn good. Not mind blowing, but never had a bad experience. Definitely would try Roadhouse.

Shivam vishwakarma

in India you have to say hello or hi but in the Indian version i have to say Namaste because i am Indian



marley hichamburger

1 27 is funny

Ahnijah Walker

Team Colby

küçük ruhi çenet

Türkiye 🇹🇷🇹🇷

If I was in this situation I would kill myself


Isnt wayne hemsworth the brother of chris hemsworth (thor)?

Kelvin Koontz

1:51-1:52 true ❤️

Purple Clouds

Skip is right. Steph was double clutching and hesitating on his threes. Everyone of those shots he did that on he missed. He didn't make a three until he stopped hesitating. It looked really suspicious especially when they refs sent all the calls towards toronto in the 3rd quarter putting GSW in the penalty with 8 minutes left in the 3rd.


who is watching in 2018 like this comment

Tereza Denisova

YEES I can relate everyone in my family are smart and creative but I am .... YE AT LEAST I AM GOOD AT SPORTS

Super Krůta

How long did it take to you to find all these easter eggs?

Teh Hyper Gamer

I've never used pepper spray before, but I have an idea what's like. My brother was trying to cook some hot peppers one time and the smell was so strong, we started coughing and our eyes began to water, so he had to stop and let our kitchen air out by opening a window.

Frank Jake

I thought eli/spoiler Liquid was supposed to be like a peter pan he is a kid has a flying person with him has a lot of kids fights you on a boat and your character is named ahab after a character from book with a pirate and at the start you have a hook not the robot arm and he fights with a sword.

Tate Gunning

Wow, this was good. A great rendition and beautiful artwork, of the Rat Park Experiment. Thank you!

Did her boyfriend dye his hair?

Sebastian Postler

What happens if ty loses wheel unfortunate


A channel I've been in search of you earned a subscriber


Next thing you know, none of the previews makes it into the actual movie

lolly wb

So basically her parents are fucked up and convinced her to be as well... great

DurrMania 0

You should add order the whole menu of a restaurant you don't like

Jaden m

I'm going to say 17 bounces

Fanny Garcia

westbrook harden you know everyone