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Boy Gamer

The Golf Knife stiker

John Doe


Ameya Shetty

4:58 tell me honestly when those drums started playing every hair on your body stood up

Sixto Nunez

I fell bad for ty

Cool Kid

Did he blast the skeet with another skeet



Welcome Nade



panba. Like if agree

Lavender Animates

Chill guys it's just the FBI


Does James have 2 or 3 chins currently?

Zeid Jomaa

What’s JP


Abby Tripp

At the very end you can see pandas face a little bit


What a Trumpist city!

Shivas Thong

Now if only we can do something about that drug habit

Ryumania Sly

7:00 isn't that blind Writing?


@TeCh33ZeOnDeTo4sT I didn't really see a lot of easter eggs on Shang gri la. idk maybe we missed something on that map.

Dorart Sherifi

why the game dude perfect is with money i can get from aptoide but why is with money


Alvin staring at Inga at 15:08 with admiration 😩👌 and how he looks at her throughout the video 😉😂

Mahia Coombs

5:39 pretty much me losing a any game

Vigneshwaran Thalapathy veriyan

Anyone candle shot!? ☝☝


So much talent! Can't wait to see what else is coming!

Derek Wu

I’m here after watching her verbal and racket abuse at US Open XD



Finn S

Team coby

kena berumen

ofcourse babyboy my son looked like this❤

yeet diy

I love chris paul

Zyler Winkler

the 1 Easter egg in video almost burnt my ears off

Noel Wee


Sara Kk

I loved the whole series it’s something different good job

Melissa A.

10:20 (i think)

2time Hoe

Everyone go fuck with my cuz music videos on my page


Alejandro Jurado

why kakarot? just vegeta call goku for that name


I just got lucky, almost missed it.

Justin Charpentier

hey I’ve seen this one before

Nijel White

I swear to f**** God if you guys see this s*** is fake it's not fake this guy is actually YouTuber go find his channel he is real

Matthew's gaming//Matthew Hill



Больные ублюдки,как вы это делаете?

Perttu Kemppainen

Dont bully coby

Javaied Jamil

soon we will find fidged spinners in pubg as a weapon ;)

Coney Dawg

Wow Borderlands 2 is a whole damn easter chicken....

mohamed elagouz

Is it really?!!!

2 months ago

Jude the Minecraft Dude

you are so nice dude perfectand i wold like to be a mishanary

X Almeida PT

Clayton Carmine didn't die jackass you clearly didn't play the games


Can someone if possible send me a link to beating the easter egg in this map. I have only been able to do about half of it due to the fact I dom't have people to play with. I really need help on it if you could do this it would be greatly appreciated.

ItzJen and ItzSaphire

My friend is name Sofie and she is a introvert


aggies can't take the 12th man


never talk. wash your hands. never hug. wash your hands. be an outcast. wash your hands.

Bloody Luna

It would've been even greater if the music and talking would've been off.

Sorein Bab

Actually there’s no sound in space because space is just a giant bacA actually no sound in space because space is just a giant vacuum where the molecules cannot vibrate so sound cannot pass by


How is 120 FPS a frame rate that is never seen before?!......... Or............. you can just build your own PC for less money, and not be limited to JUST 120 FPS.

leen m

This is my favorite voice actress (like if u agree)

Vanessa Mireles

Oh man this new marvel movie looks so good

Can't think of a good name I

So not true. I could beat up half the boys In my class with one arm tied behind my back if I wanted to


I’d put it on a usb stick just in case it gets scratched

Nani Sullivan

Is it just me or does anyone think that Emma should date Grayson? They get along alot better, and are always bullying Ethan together😂😂