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Bender Rodriguez

11:00 Futarama in the zombie apocalypse LOL

James Sherman

Coby should keep the beard

Chris Kavanagh

You should do more soccer videos

also me: " I forgot who i am because of my pets"


This made me sad :l

Yashi Soni

Before 100 I squad

Fellisa Wolfy Gaming__125

Hell look like?

Revealing Numbers

This is so sad😭😭😭😭

Saga Steindóra Oscarsdóttir

Idk why but watching this reminds me of Betty Cooper...? Wth

Lil Bruh

“Lady in the streets but a freak in sheets”


My guess is: Love. 💙

maddie stewart

I lost my mother to cancer at the age of 7


i am speculating few things here: that the demonic rat laugh may have been that the dev feels bad for making somebody going to death row, the monkeys may have that the dev had fun with monkeys. teddy bear may have something to do with the dev being spied while they were younger with a teddy bear. little girl in fear may either be the dev who said to their dad "i hate you daddy" and the dad died/vanished at same day or then the dev was the dad and the girl said "i hate you daddy" and girl died at same day or little girl was left to somewhere and dad left and "i hate you daddy" was the last thing girl said to his dad. grand theft auto is probably that dev killed/caused sobody to die somebody on accident/purpose at some mountains. purely just speculating due feel random to add.

Best regards !!!!

Isabela Sanchez


Sury chelsea24

And i know your name


Are aftermath and armored kill and stuff DLC? For BF3

jalaiza gamer

i am watching this in 2019

Famouspiano 63

0:00 is the start

Telia McLennon