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Sandy Cherryheaven

Good job This is a really good song


Frozen 3 Elsa is shot in the head.


Guru, you know... you could put your weed in there.

P.S. I’m on the road to 50 subs or maybe even 100!


Try to find the pretty face in the emojis below.👇🏾

Ramkumar Pokhrel

Ty ... laugh!

Filip Les

lol that last gave me chills

John Ippoliti

Are you actually "dude perfect" Or do spend many hours retrying?


NBA players never wear pants that are long enough. I get it that ur tall but like u got the money to buy the right length

Nancy Zizelman

I love boarding school you just scream you just have to say jghjggfhsskgkhcdlkgchjlkidvuitioitfdxvfeoioduvqudyoiuy they can’t even hear anyone


When are we dropping an ice cube in the ocean to cool it?

Project ETO

Man I missed you

Tiffany He

2019 anyone still watching this? lol

Lucas Steele

they didn't acknowledge tfk for the song

Polar bear Man77

Why is it GIANT trick shots when the first 3 shot not even with giant things

Angela Grisales

5:54 i Totally Shit myself their

Joana Durão

How tf is someone seeking for attention when they are mutilated themselves?!

Bacon Hairs are da best

3:18 this guy acts like this dude who plays with me named Ian lol

Micki Mouse

"team eyebrows!!!!!!"

Mohamed Ahmed

Cody the game changer


lol stuffed

Meme Post

Damn...... why you gotta be like that Jennifer.


For someone who's voice im not used to. You got a nice voice. I'd buy your audiobooks lol


your such a loser... Garrys Mod is a MOD for a reason... and half life 2 is the ENGINE for GMOD

Steve Steve

Who dislikes there are heartless

“Don’t be mad because you’re not thicc like mEh”