US economy about to collapse... & dollar's going down with it - Peter Schiff

READ MORE: US stock plunge following a massive selloff on global markets is seen by some analysts as a sign of more bad things to come. RT talked to veteran stock broker Peter Schiff to explore the issue in depth.RT LIVE Check out to RT! us on Facebook us on VK us on Twitter us on Instagram us on Google+ (Russia Today) is a global #news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

B i g W a c k

Cigarettes, I choose cigarettes.

David Wilkins

#3 GREAT SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!


Next Video:

Valeria Villanueva

Me: Ok if John apologize they maybe could be friends again


U are speaking about jobs like it is absolutely our choice which job to pick! Dude, jobs are not cookies u pick from the cold store. It's hard work and luck.



Lol it should have just been fall out new Vegas wild west easter egga


i'm pretty much paul but less stylish lmao

nathan mettenburg

Do something with Mahomes


th air traffic shot!

DJAdair33 Live streams

Soooooo fake

Top 10

These aren't stereotypes there type of shoppers

Narte Uzuha

Anyone who dislikes this video is an idiot,loser and doesn't know whats right

Cassie Aycock

Loooved this!

Rooh Jan

haha Paul is hilarious

Bradyn Bredemann

And also true story I once tried to commit suicide and I tried to kill myself in the OCEAN out of all places!

Miles Moody

This is the main reason why I love Pixar movies


0:19 Is this doctor pouring coffee into the drip?


@T0R0NT0SportsFan er, i can still see it?

Younis Hammoudeh

Who hits trick shot ties


So cute ❤️”the lion effect” 😂

Midnight Gamer

If anyone here is in 2019, are those Rc oil powered or battery powered?

Quack head

Toby Mac! EYE ON IT

Zeus Gaming

Clash of clans should have a movie

Billie Posters


Dolores Gonzalez

an indoor pool

Noelle Humphrey

Had to watch it over a million times cause you can't analyze the background and lyrics at the same time! Anyone else notice the cage from outcast? Love the references to all of his other FIRE songs!!!

oh no

Idk but more of a job than YouTube Jack. #YIAYjob

Random Guy

Yes I'm lonely

Fujiwara Takumi

F O R T N I T E is gay

Omegahor OGH

Saints Row is a cool game. But when it compares too GTA, it sucks ass.

10zin 59

2. i actually have no idea

Gabe Halsey

My birthday is March 19th 😂 that’s sort of close

The dot Dot

This is why u need to know the backstory

Zaid Khan

Watching in 2050

Just no one

They didn't even expect they would come where they are


and mistorybox ded ex

Joemar Caguan

Big fans of twins coby and cory

Camilo Aguilera

Make one on child’s play


Too much talos principle

freddy mercury

That's totally me

Connie Albert



norah meisch

she’s so skinny I’m worried

Peter Lee

That reporter who asked the question to Steph at post-game had the intent to stir something that wasn’t there. This is a misunderstanding as many have said here. The fans in the arena don’t have tv, they can’t see close up when KD injured. They cheered cuz it looked like a good defence play, and thought he just fell. Later when they saw KD hobbled, they stopped cheering and then the cheers turned positive towards KD.

Anniething and Everything

marbles is just the chillest chihuahua i’ve ever seen i looove him

morgan santerre

I have drank juice after brushing my teeth As usual, both films are directed by the same people.


3:11 im sorry but that girls face on the top right corner.

Georgette Ø

👩🏾‍🦳 hey guysssssss one like= one prayer for peace in the world

Lord Zinyak


Vivek Patel

2:37 This shows how many times they fail

COSS Edits

Best game ever.

GOGETA The strongest fusion

Top 10 shity games

Caitlyn Le

I just realized I didn’t subscribe. now I did!


Durant has a legacy-altering opportunity in front of him. GS put themselves into a 3-1 hole without him, and if he can lead them out of that hole and to a third straight title, it would be viewed as an all-time accomplishment. I just want to be able to say that both teams played hard (Rasheed Wallace voice) after tonight's game.

Kenneth the cookatiel

So cool

curtis mcgarry

I've caught a white tip reef shark 180 inches