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True fact

Calvin - Freerun

Finally you are back again <3

William Wentz

For cool not coolGarett) space land: red: because you guys are to busy with other vids and stuff. That’s also fake.Coby) snuggle pillow: red: that’s creepy.Ty) chocolate grenades: green: even though I don’t like dark chocolate but I love milk chocolate and it’s a grenade.Cody) mini cannon: both: because I like mini things and working ones are even better. But it almost set the place on fire.Cory) butterflies: red: I could make a diy one easily.


This battle is amzing

Simarjit Sidhu

this is the life

Trophy Bass Chasin

lol im still top comment? bad ass


hhhh hhhh ııııı IIIıAAA b BBBB BBBBBBARS fkn BARSSSS

Roni Haeroni

Ada yang dari indonesia

John Ntalaperas

2019 and I still can't find the soundtrack

professional connoisseur of extravagant bread

Girl: I disagree with your existence

Haruka & Ki mao FAN for you...I hope you get better....


I think the mummified corpse is a ganon from earlier in the timeline possibly oot ganon or demise

Lightning fast as flash


Aarav Choudhary

The name of the final cat is camera

Plasmasaurus X

1:18 Me: It's Gnome Chompski! :D

Maistro Tom

The ending was marveless! I loved it. :)

One for Sorrow

Mind you, everyone. Star Wars: Battlefront EA is a pretty good game. Why hate on it so much? XD

Hiarpa Netto

I found a message on video between 9:35 and 9:42, but I can not understand it.

Gacha Duckie

At first I thought the title said adopted parents not adoptive 😂


Tyler always wins! I like the videos but like I don't just wanna see Tyler win again and again


That was a well coordinated dance,well done zombies.

Chris Chandler

Ahhh my first dude perfect video

Anthony Alcantara

i watched airsoft battle royale den i watched dis XD

[BRK] Zayxkz

i was here at 500 views and i didn't comment:(



Justice Radical

i live here js

Ariana: hold my beer

Cat Arya D

I KNEW you would make an appearance on The Chef Show. I mean, it has an episode on the cake!


Sheesh my Best friend has the book called 'the woman with 7 names' and it was depressing

i'm just about to cry


what is with epic games and chickens?

Mr. Noob

Cody and ty are too young compared from now

Yashodhan Zone

Can you tell thenames of the shotguns?



Wilted_ Flower


Bangtan Vi

If this is for real i would wanna do it with my crush

Plush Doge

I’m the forgets my cup guy

Wendy Marvell

definitely Garrett's baseball fail XD

Manjot Singh

😂 the music says it all. 2017! Anyone

Patricia Barton


Xeno Pancake

I'm watching in August 2018

Snappy Dragon

First sentence is grammatically incorrectYou said “look how tall we are”Whereas you should’ve said “look how high we are

Khalid Rashid

I like your videoes

Kamri Hickman

Me in 5 years 😍💕


0:57 good formation by the defense

Reid Spaulding

Who is the panda???

Jkangie Amjk

Oof I’ve heard of this in thailand because I live here and it’s so depressing if you lose because you get knocked back down to the bottom if you lose


And the purpose of shoving the player was . . . . . . ????