Using the Square Cash App to buy Bitcoin

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Peter Quill


Abhijit Ghosh

If my best frnd did that...i could ve just punched him and force him to tell me the truth...😠😠

Treasure today

The last lines literally touched me and made me cry

lol time

Its not just females who are gold diggers. Males can be as well


Who saw a 8 legged thing crawling away from the door at 4:11?


what the %&# that's crazy pro holy crap

Daniel Griffin


Samuel Xu

make a lite version or make it free please!!!

I hope you’re feeling alright now...💕

The_Bestskill_ Ever

Why it is in French



Denali Meshew

I have been on Keto diet for nine months so far. It is where you cut out the breaded carbohydrates in the diet to clean out the body's organ systems for health purposes. I lost over 40 lbs since I started and it has worked wonders for my blood pressure and blood sugar.

hulio papi

first time i seen kd with clean hair

Dotty and Freckles Amazing Adventure

I'm so sorry!


You can’t have deli meat like turkey or ham, you can get listeria from it that can pass to the baby. You can look it up. Download Baby Center or What to Expect app to be in mommy groups or seek advice and learn more about your baby and every week it updates you on symptoms you should or will feel. I am pregnant, I’m in my third trimester. You also should be careful when it comes to doing work outs for the abs. Even if baby is still small. The first trimester is the trimester that you need to be really careful with. Good luck to you guys.


Use ur credit card to pay

Potato Pants

*reads title*

_ŞаHLт _

Ya he’s done 😬

Sai Sai ùwù

i’m 11 and have a iphone se anyone else ?

kaydee C

Not hating but if u were 12 and you wanted to be 22 does that mean you are 22 if you were a man and wanted to be a woman does that mean you are just think about it you were made one gender don't change it but be happy in who you was made to be your all loved


Jenna:tries to do fashion show. Cermet:DoEs Not like FaSion Show

Sakura san

this made me cry.....

Awesnap 12

Water Bottle Flip Shots!


Cody’s Hat


Please do a baseball stereotype PLEASE!!! I've wanted to see one ever since the first stereotype

Noah Demarest

Could you ..... never mind,oh can you do a super smash bros brawl video.

5.i stood up to my bully

Baby Girl.

Who when the blond girl show up dacing they thought its lele !

Ajhan Mendar

At least someone calls her. I barely got out, better yet have a friend to call me to hang out

this right here is just a good chap

Rhys Carter

What a waste of gatorade


“ tips on how to succeed in life ”


The Gravity easter egg was just a genius idea.

Pardhav Musunuru

Garret baseball shot WoW

Shamon Bullock

That's what ya get you better


You Smart


dude your theory for inside blew my mind

Aisha Shaw

Lil tjay rip 😆

Ruben Vargas


Clayton Macaluso

Never mind

redleader antilles

I love that the name Drake is used for the Robin reference. Even Star Wars agrees that Tim Drake is the best robin.

I do Everything

It was all Tyler bs

Zayden Meier

I mean

jayshri bodke

Where is coby


I`ve stood up to a bully by rolling my eyes.


Is the red Ranger Billy from stranger things

syed khaja

Dislikes are holy fuckers

Royal Boyo

Oh the thing you did with your name at the end :(((

Bananar08 YT

it is fake u will decinagrate if that happens you will find no one at all. like if u agree

Cassie Time

I can relate to the one called “That Girl”

Jasi :D

I keep rewinding to 6:22 , what is Matt doing???

Nicole Samuel


Mr Whalez

ive seen that movie called saving private Ryan.


Katy Hope


Rajaa Febriano

Bisa bahasa indonesia


What the actual FUCK he died?!?!?!?I thought he was just going to break up with you for some reason but instead he died???!?????????!!?????!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭

Jace Burnett


Your Hero

probably my favorite movie mistake is in Saving Pvt Ryan, the whole camera crew can be seen xD

Abraham N T

Builder hall was the biggest mistake of clash of clans!!!!


You see I don’t like kids, and I don’t see them in my future