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Simone Gioè

The Bioshock one is insane. How incredible. One of the best easter eggs in my opinion.


Still don't respect them thats the only (hard) thing that womens have to go through

muhammad bimo

who on earth carry pizza like that


And this why they yell at the successes. So many tries to get that one perfect shot.


where is coby and cory

Katie Parker

My family Loves me very much and takes care of me but, i would just like to avoid other people on a regular basis. I would rather hibernate in my room (Only with my VERY VERY CLOSE friends) and just watch vines, but one day we will/have find/ed the right one. But on the most part im just a single bi- wE aRe fAmIlY fRiEnDlY.

FricketyFruckity HitMeWithATruckity

Poor Garrett

Dallaslucci 18

Whoever dislikes this should burn hell


I really love and enjoy the videos you make🖒❤

Dude Perf🏈🔥

krazy kremer

How do you get to be a dude perfect guy


Jared Morrow

We like Fortnite

Janet Koehler

what is a joke


Now I don’t want to have kids :)

this gurl sucks

Kylath Kilstar

interesting, the jump scare picture is a zombified version of Richthofen.

Gamingwith Y

Dude they should get this out because it’s not fair for other people. (GET IT OUT!)


All jokes aside, this trailer is beautifully animated.

AND I don't know where we go after we die, is it like we don't exist anymore? We just dissolve into nothing? That's scary...T^T

Kezia Krisan

maybe the stone monsters are anna&elsa's parents :/

Roxanne Tan

The title should be:

Francois Da Serra




Eden Ganze

is that dog real ?

Nancy Alonzo

I’m so sorry for your loss....may your baby Rest In Peace and thankfully you have all the good memories and moments to help you through this horrible moment. As hard as it is you are a fighter and you will get through it. All my love and blessings ❤️

🌑🌑🌓🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌘🌑🌑 Also at school I have to use the elavator instead of the stairs .For the ones that don't have an elavator at their school it supposed to be only for teachers and other people with issues like wheelchair and etc but my cousins school their elavator are for everyone!

_ Ya_Boi99

5:56 😂😂

Queen Emily

I think the game is possibly good, if it would actually start.

Broken Bread

I cried hearing cortana and the old music at the end


22:11 strange woman

cool spider

I laughed so hard I started crying



GoingWithTheFlow TM

@FunWithGuru will you be playing AC IV?

Grizzy YeetusNiy

Anyone that thinks this is fake is a poopy head

Geometry Dash Smith

Rage monster was snagged lol

park reference by the control point near roosavelt island. Near SHD tech cash


looks at video

Caden Mueller

You have to have a hot Fillet mignon with ribs and mash patatas to really get the Texas Roadhouse flavor and experience

Shya Nahman

Tyler your the legend of them all


Pound it. Noggin.

gta v pro

what about cricket

Vickx 4321

He protecc

WM Maness



In assassin's creed 2, if you trigger the lever thing again and wait in the same place again, the octopus will try to attack you :)

FIFA Noodel

1:26 Someone's phone went off

On a math test.

Izac Bitting

Love you guys

Who the heck names there kid Fire?!

And he just ran off...I was devastated and with signs of an it that only my friend and I know about I felt hopeless but a week later he hugged me (today) and I was all like e-eww don’t d-do that but he knows how I feel and took it as a joke and he just said yeah right and went over to the high bar and sat on it from up there I. Saw the sparks in his eyes and felt my face heat up and then- come t for more tea I’m so evil 😈