Wanna thank Tshwane University of Technology

(Ga Rankuwa Campus) for the opportunity to give away prizes and inspire first year students... I gave away a brand new laptop, and 2 cellphones (Samung A6+ and J5)... giving back to the community feels great I must say



I’m bloody fabulous


The best easter egg in fortnite is the uninstall button in the control panel.

saif Gulam

Face reveal FOR P_A_N_D_A

PT 24

I am the Trash Talking Human Controllor

keco moninockie

It's happened to me to you feel like you'll be gegded or imberist

Joshua Cueto

basketball expert


4:19 why is that guy back there not even stopping the rage monster(I don’t know their names lol)

Like if you always cry from these


kamoshida irl

Daniel Solbakken

Woow IT is A present from god

Elizabeta Pepovska

I say 11

Sad Juice

plot twist: its a love triangle

she whispered in my ear.

Mahad Taimoor

Who is watching in 2020

Dylan Leddy

can you do another episode on the hunger games

Posma Prima

I just love your sense of humor and how you edit your videos. Never regretted subscribing and looking forward for more Easter Eggs! Also, work on that Outro mate haha

Michele Sancho

You shot it off panda after you failed twice

- Falling Asleep

Colin pribish

Dude perfect can you do a navy edition collage foot ball navy

Guillermo Martinez

Lean mi articulo chicos.

Tim M

Give me a Mustang over a cryin' scion any day...

Will Nichols

I love DP it is the best

Christiana Hattaway

My brother is the only healthy one in my family ( other than me 😋).

Madison Cook

i like the twins




( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) this is Lenny Each like equals one friend.