Weekly Premarket Forex Analysis: Trade Ideas 6-2-2019

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Michael Botelho

You guys are awsome

J B N Gaming

Kim Jon Un I knew because he say he was a supreme leader but he was not!


Still waiting for 9 remastered

Nadya Funny

Your intentions are Amazing! I wish I had a loving heart as much a you. You can truly show how much you can care for the people you love that need your help

jianglin chen

I feel so sad for her I wish cancer was not a thing

Aanaiyah Omg

I'm crying I have a story to tell. My brother was born early and he died in the nicu the last and only time I got to see him was in the hospital he was sick I can't even I need help and I still cry even though this happend in December


loud guy


the engine was on, pushing the ball away from the basket, hence the accomplisment


Must be black.


1:13 probably thinks he’s fishing

Siddiqi Iqra


Mag fall out

Weeb Gaming

I passed out at work because I took weed.

ant wto

should have left the first time he hit you

Anaami DeVante

The hype has returned


That's why I never sent photos or anything that could ruin my future

Editha Katindig


Szabolcs Turòczy

the story of MinuteVideos

Mateo Lona

Do water polo next

Κωνσταντίνα Σ.

Girl you are pretty