What Are The BEST TRADING Zones In Forex??...

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i knowe'd the story before


Weirdly obsessed with the Hot Fudge shade from the Mini Breaker. HEART EYES TO THE MAX.

Great moves, guru. Keep up the good work.

Amaaz Muhammad

who is watching this after coby won??

Giggle Gaming

Is it just me or does it look hot in this video and they all wore pants

Devin Krum

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Guess they'll never learn..


The portal one should of been defiantly among the better ranks

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Sonny Miller

Some of the fish were dead


You should've done a Northern Christmas...

white_ice leo

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Wanderoy Visuals

Keep coming back for the song and edit

Like I Is

Great video! Really entertaining. I'm glad you didn't do any commentary or stupid voices like most people do, or worse, include some awful music on top of the video. Kudos!


Panda is from china

nini herro

plz watch our trick shots they are really good

CS [LEADER] Joker!

Not gonna lie when she said the two truths where yes and no I thought if the meme where it goes well yes, but actually no don’t Blam me and I find this sad also


Cody is wrong because sound can only travel through non-vacum areas vacuum means an area with no particles.


What's age restrictions all about

Hunter K

The book should have an accompanying cd so that we still get a song with each recipe

Off Beat Creator

How much perfectness you want Dude perfect : Yes

H- G93422HN

Kim Jung Un is clapping

Dr. Jack Bright

My Name Is Dr. Jack Bright.

Justin Hassel



Wait! This channel is good but this one is fake lost your voice so you can’t talk? Fake!.


Congratulations!! You're going to be a great dad.


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Demmie belle Caluya

This video made me cry my grandfather stand up for me,told me that I wasn’t incomplete,he let me feel how do have a father and he let me feel what is the love of a father.(my dad has other family) :(

Olivia Petrowski

The video:




How do they even afford the rage monster?

Strawberry Poptart

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Sara Ungar

You guys are the best I love your trick shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dogemaster142 Dogemaster142

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