What is a Market Maker?

Citadel Securities’ Donnie Phillips explains the evolution of markets and the role of market makers.

broken_gacha kall

This made me cry

ALL IN ONE !!!!!

I don't think that coby will ever win

Anastasija Naceva

I am so sorry

Andrew Campa

love how ty throws the plug and screams BOOM

Meli R.


Samra Shah


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Oh my lord this video was so amazing my eye's are watery and my heart feels so warm and fuzzy(this RARELY LIKE RARELY happens)

Random Things was a Gamer


Laura Speller

60 yards

Tavo Smith

this is soooo cool!!

Lorenzo Ortiz

And can you have dez bryant in one of your videos

•EunB Miyuki•

While me, I'm trying to gain weight. I'm only 42 kg now :(


aww number 1 has the bunny from saints row

Masculine Acorn

Damn Cody, for an 80 year old man those were some serious

Igor p

dobrych rozwiazan sie nie zmienia :D

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I hate that shit when top prospects bust tbh. Another reason why my interest in sports are slowly declining.

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Omg this happened to me. One day I was at my cousin house. A boy which was his friend and mine came over. My cousin and him played fort nite for a little than decided to go play football, and I came with. When we got there he kept getting close to me. I kept feeling uncomfortable and kept going to my cousin. Than after him repeatedly doing that he touched my ass. I felt like I was going to die. I just ignored and acted like I didn't feel it. Than he did it again. I swear I wanted to punch him in his shit. Than I thought well maybe he was playing, so I chased after him. After minutes of them playing football he walked towards me. And i was praying for him to just turn around... But he didn't. He sat down next to me and I just hopped up. When I walked away he touched my ass again! My cousin saw it and approached him saying "Dont touch my little cousin butt dude" I thought he would stop now. But guess what? He didn't! This time while I was walking he called my name. I looked and he did this 👌👈 I WAS FUCKING DONE! I RAN TO MY COUSIN HOUSE WITH FULL RAGE! I WENT A GRABBED HIS BAT AND RAN BACK TO THE FIELD! He ran and everyone was wandering why tf i had a bat. Thats the end. He ran home and that was it. I called my mother and went home

Alex Super

Was this pre-garret? :)

Vincent Dds



I am autistic while it isn’t as bad still I have been bullied also I have similar interests like anime art and game so well done for going through it 😊

Edit:  That was not the only scantily clad / naked woman in the original, either.  There were several, if I remember correctly.  One of which was found naked, passing gas, and standing next to a toilet with brown water in it.  When the 'use' key was pressed while facing her, Lo Wang would say things like, "Ugh...  What you eat anyway, baby?"  In the same manner, the woman would respond by telling him to "piss off" or calling him a "jerk" and then shooting at him.


bc of moons Easter egg with the rockets hitting earth is that why it's all messed up in black ops 2

Foot Nastics

My favorite dunk was world longest allyopp