Where's My Swag


He had to be black.

Onna J

You are one of my favorite authors

evan om

hey didnt see those markers around the giants club could u tell me the names pls? thanks and great videos


0.07 Keanu Reeves

Dan Fannsh

2019 anyone

jazreal ellis

the most unike comment



like when your pushing to get a poop out




Why are you Faith from Mirror's Edge?

PAYAL hansaliya

0:44 would been taken long time

recipe 2: can of coconut milk,cup of frozen blueberrys, rasberry jam, pinch of salt freeze, & enjoy


Hey guru,I'm not gonna complain but the music is a little distracting, good video though!like always


Breezy and Drizzy on a song together? What?


ᴵ ᴸᵒᵛᵉ ᵞᵒᶸ Jungkook

Beata Schoeman

i am ore concerend about the pets who were not taken care of than the baby... is that bad? i hope the pets got rescued and got properly caring homes

Kyot Jimin

Im eating twix while watching this

Anna Kontogonis

I have it my family did hate me i was placed in foster care i was molested and beat as a child i moved oround so much i went to youth athority as a teen as an adult i went to adult care where i was abused by care givers and had to live on the streets to survive i have been on probation i was treated negativly by nurses i had an eating disorder ive been raped on several so many times molested in foster care and raped as a teenager many times and i truly did have fake friends and relationships and im gay on top of that when you have been treated this bad you have a real problem and i have been systematicly been abused and in relationships i was almost trafficed into prostitution been thrown in phych wards and isolation for doing nothing i am fighting my way through life and i really did have no one that gave a shit dont take family and friends a place to live for granted because homelessnes prison and people can and will walk away i have to find out where my next meal will come from it can and will happen to you i have a place and a few friends i have to work to support myself i cook clean i do it all think before you do shit stop expecting people to do shit for you all stop being selfish think about other people and get on with it proffecinal victim dont get shit done those are real issues not that any of you would get that shit take responsability grow up dont be a drain on your families friends siblings and be greatful for a place to live and the food you have because one day you all may face issues i decribed hear my life think auschwits consantration camp thats been my life do things yourself and grow the fuck up im telling you all things that people wont shout out to taurus my dreams will happen because im making them happen peace out

Did he just hit the trooper with his own blaster bolt after slowing it down?

Janetlynn Orbe

well not everyday but i 5 or 6 days

Joseph Lorusso

Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 are my favorite Rockstar games ever



@wiganerrmc I still wouldn`t have done that LOL

Bence Váradi

that guy at 13.56 in hitman says: "segítség, valaki segítség" what means help me someone help me and thats (Hungarian)

Lucinda Sian

Scroll down into the comments if ya wanna cringe

Lindsey Kent


Luciano Marx

Her to her lgbt+ friend: I don’t accept lgbt+ people